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Delayed API Status

Hello. Since yesterday I have a delayed API on my BF Explorer trading software. I had no bots running when this happened and now I am also unable to trade as all stakes in the markets keep flashing all over the ladders on random odds, being absolutely impossible to figure out what was the last price traded and all other API data. Why as this happened ? Anyone else facing this same problem ? What can be done for the software to have access to the Betfair API data in real time again ?

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  • Stefan
    22.5.2020 19:35:13


    Tony and Graf, I only try to understand why betfair switched your api access to delayed data, that is all.

    No request is made when you switch off “Monitor passive markets”. Nor “Bot Executor” monitors markets when markets are in passive state.

    Why would I add such option to the settings dialog, when not implementing that feature?

    I can only repeat the same question betfair asked:

    “Please could you explain why your account is reading this volume of data.”

    Betfair knows about any of your activity, the betfair api is their service, and your account is associated with your betfair api access.

    I do not monitor your activity, so I just wonder, when betfair knowing about you everything, that you open a lot of markets, keep them monitoring for some time, but they still asked both of you:

     “Please could you explain why your account is reading this volume of data.”

    So what you are saying is that betfair did not know that you place bets on any market you open? Why they asked you?

  • Bodasy
    22.5.2020 19:49:26

    “Please could you explain why your account is reading this volume of data.”

    i have answer: "because i only use bfexplorer software and support does not answer to my qustions on how not to make so many readings."

    i always place several bets everytime i open a market.

    never open any market and not place several bets.


    that is just nonsense

    again, same question:

    with Monitor passie markets "no" and Use market streaming "yes", are there any data readings when all markets on Strategy/Bot Executor are "passive" ?

  • Tony
    22.5.2020 20:00:11

    They never mentioned my bets. Off course they have all my bets, both matched and unmatched, registered on my account. Even I can see it all.

    What they've asked is why BFExplorer makes so many data readings on my account:

    "On review of your account, you have been found to have made over xxx million requests to the exchange in the last 3 months using the BFExplorer API. This amount of reading activity must be reduced if you would like the market data delay to be removed from your account."

    That is exactly what I need to know to prevent any further delays on my API readings. 

  • Graf
    22.5.2020 20:15:00

    In that case, problem can only be with Strategy/Bot Executor Active markets Update intervals. Maybe less than 2 seconds it's just much too low value. That is the only reason I can find...

  • Stefan
    22.5.2020 20:44:06

    In Strategy Bot Executor tool you can add column: Total Matched, as in any other data view bfexplorer shows, when market data are updated, Total Matched must be updated as well, right?

    So please, add that column, and watch if value is updated for passive markets waiting for processing, of course they are not updated.

  • Graf
    22.5.2020 20:55:02

    Sure. That is why Î say this delay must have been imposed because of low value in Strategy/Bot Executor Active markets Update intervals. It had nothing to do with passive markets.

  • Stefan
    22.5.2020 21:02:14

    Graf, I do not set those update interval values, but you do so.

    Bfexplorer is used by other users including me. Actually what I program in bfexplorer, I program mainly for my use, and I have never been switched to delayed api data like you three were.

  • Bodasy
    22.5.2020 21:15:49

    did you ever kept logged in bfexplorer for several consecutive days ?

  • Stefan
    22.5.2020 22:02:27

    Bodasy, do you really think I am so stupid?

    Please go to my blog posts:

    And you may find that I run many different strategies on my server in 24/7. Well, not these days as mostly I try to run horse racing strategies.

    Once again, any feature you can see in bfexplorer app was programmed mainly for my own needs, by me myself, I am software developer.

  • Bodasy
    23.5.2020 10:18:55

    please tell me how you manage to keep your bots running in your server 24/7 if you also say you are not that stupid when i ask you if you ever kept login bfexplorer software for several consecutive days ? 

    i only use bfexplorer software on my account and also got this message from betfair:


    Please ensure you stick to these lower refresh rates, but also make sure you close down all software that you are using when you are not actively betting as you should not be reading data in the background when you are not present at your computer, or when you are not betting.

    We will continue to monitor your account to ensure that you have lowered your reading, if you do not then restrictions will be placed on your account again. For now I will remove the market delay. 

    Kind Regards,

    Betfair Developer Program