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Delayed API Status

Hello. Since yesterday I have a delayed API on my BF Explorer trading software. I had no bots running when this happened and now I am also unable to trade as all stakes in the markets keep flashing all over the ladders on random odds, being absolutely impossible to figure out what was the last price traded and all other API data. Why as this happened ? Anyone else facing this same problem ? What can be done for the software to have access to the Betfair API data in real time again ?

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  • Graf
    9.5.2020 19:25:23

    I have checked my mail and I have no message from Betfair.

  • Bodasy
    9.5.2020 19:31:46

    i only use this software but i dont use ladder

  • Bodasy
    9.5.2020 19:37:27

    i have installed geeks toy now and have normal api. only problem is here

  • Stefan
    9.5.2020 19:40:40

    I have no email contact to betfair bdp. For any communication I use support web page.

    Tony and Graf, my business model is to sell my trading software to betfair users, so I have no interest to block any user from using my app, it would be nonsense, do not you think?

    Betfair business model is to take fees from any winning bet, betfair users place on betfair exchange, so again in their interest is not to block users that really bet on the exchange, no users means no fees, so no profit for them. 

    I hope you will get some feedback from betfair about your api status. In following days betfair ends its services for another country: Russia. I do not know from which country you operate from, or what you actually do with betfair api data. 

    Betfair offers web api access as well, I made some bespoke app using this api, so maybe for your activity it is more suitable this kind of api access, but that is offered only to vendors like me. You must ask betfair if you want to use this api for commercial use.

  • Stefan
    9.5.2020 20:22:03

    I have just tested on my server clean installation of the latest version of bfexplorer.

    Then I used my account, and my brother's account (both having money on betfair), but my brother’s account was not used for more than 1 year, I had to create subscription to bfexplorer to get activation code, and on both accounts I have fully api access.

    So there is no problem with my app key (bfexplorer), because if it was some then it would not be possible to create new subscription code on betfair and then activate access for brother’s account.

    Gentlemen, really any restrictions can be lifted by betfair only.

    Tony’s subscription code is valid till 24.5.2020, Graf’s till 15.5.2020 and Bodasy’s till 15.5.2020.

    Two days ago I finished bespoke bot for one trial user, and he activated his subscription on 8.5.2020, and was able to use bfexplorer app with full api access.

    It is weekend, so you have got from betfair maybe automatic reply from its support, and of course betfair monitoring system is fully automated, so your api access status was changed this way as well, and you will get more information when person will check it.

    I do not know if delayed api status is associated with app key as well, but I do not think so, because then you could simply misuse betfair api data by using different vendors applications, and that is nonsense, just count the number of apps on betfair apps market.

    If betfair would made such bug in their api access then for one account such illegal api user could use his account for x apps on the market.

     I think delayed api status is set to user’s account, Bodasy I do not think what you say is right. Your last login with bfexplorer app was on 14.4.2020 20:56:54 CET.

  • Tony
    9.5.2020 20:30:03

    Thank you very much for your prompt response. Off course you'd do nothing to lose subscribers and I value all your support work and efforts. I have no Russian account and use my account for normal trading pretty much the same way for the last 4 years, I have done nothing different over the last few days and therefore need no personal commercial license as I never used my account for any commercial purpose. I will send a new message to support to try to retrieve any further information in order to solve this problem and post it here for all other users.

  • Stefan
    9.5.2020 20:40:03

    And as well betfair has no interest to lose betting customer, just by blocking customers api access. What I can suggest is to use subscription code from your subscription details and refer it to your request to bdp support. Subscription code is associated with app key, so if you did not mention what software you use with your betfair api access, so bfexplorer, they will retrieve this information from it.

  • Bodasy
    9.5.2020 20:45:23

    yes, i have computer at work and i am still logged in the software. i haven't logeed out since 14.04.2020 and kept my bots running since then. do u think that fact can be the problem with delayed api ?

  • Tony
    9.5.2020 20:51:13 support will be only available on monday. I will send that subscription code as well. Thank you very much for your suggestion

  • Graf
    13.5.2020 19:34:22

    The odds on my betfair exchange webpage also have the same 2 to 4 minutes delay. I have sent a request to last weekend but got no answer.  In no time they will be also kicked off from the uk