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What Is Bot Trigger and How to Use It?

Bot Trigger orchestrates bot execution of your action bots, so the bots you added to My Bots view. It means that bot trigger does not manage your bet placing directly, but instead it delegates such actions to your action bots.

Such approach has big advantages, let me show you once again already presented football bet strategy executed by bot trigger: Bot Trigger - Football Back 0 - 0 Lay Draw

On the video tutorial to the above article you can see that I created 2 action bots: Back Correct Score 0 – 0, and Lay Draw

These two action bots are then used by bot trigger: Back 0 – 0 and lay draw. Bot trigger first executes Back Correct Score 0 – 0 bot, and waits till bot ends its execution, to find out what bet position had been created on 0 – 0. It calculates possible profit on 0 - 0 and uses 95% of it to lay draw executed by bot: Lay Draw.

If Match Odds market is not yet open, the bot trigger first opens the Match Odds market and then executes Lay Draw bot on the draw selection.

Bot trigger operates with action bots with exact names: Back Correct Score 0 – 0 and Lay Draw. We know that bfexplorer offers different bots to place a bet, and actually how such bets is placed can be setup by many different ways. You can ask your bot to offer your bet, or take current offer. You can create drip feeding bot to place bigger bet in small bets. If applicable you can use Be the first in queue bot. It means that very simply you can change behaviour of your bot trigger, because all the bot trigger needs is just two action bots names which have to be executed.

In this article I gain showed how to create above mentioned strategy, and I described each step. There are 23 steps of different operations I made in my video, to setup 0 – 0 and lay draw bot, you need just 3 steps.

What you can see in my video?

1) How to read an article on bfexplorer forum and what information is important to keep in mind after reading an article.

2) How to create a new folder on my computer.

3) How to download and save a bot script to my computer.

4) How to open a bot trigger script file and read important information.

5) How to browse football events with Event Browser view.

6) How to filter events to show only those ones which we are interested in.

7) How to open a market for monitoring.

8) How to open and associated market/s for open event/market.

9) How to update My Favourite Events entry, I did so for Football Correct Score setting.

10) How to add a new bot to My Bots.

11) How to add bot setting for Back Correct Score 0 – 0.

12) How to change views position, size and application layout.

13) How to switch bfexplorer to Practice Mode, this is very important because I do not want to bet with my real money when testing bot/s.

14) How to start a bot execution on a market selection, and how to check the bot did what has been required to do. In this step I tested the bot: Back Correct Score 0 – 0.

15) How to add bot setting for Lay Draw, and how to start it and check results.

16) How to close bet event, it means that all open event markets will be closed.

17) How to re-open Correct Score market for further testing of the bot trigger: BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.fs

18) How to add bot setting for Execute Trigger Bot: BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.fs to execute my Back 0 – 0 and lay draw strategy.

19) How to finally start the Back 0 – 0 and lay draw bot, and to check results.

20) How to watch market selections, how to add market selections to Watched Selections view. When you place your bets manually you may noticed that market selections are added to the Watched Selections view automatically.

21) How to use My Bet Position view to monitor total bet position on all market selections.

22) How to quickly switch among open markets using Watched Selections view.

23) How to filter out all market selections on Correct Score without a lay offer.

Download “Back 0 - 0 and Lay Draw” script if you want to test it or build your own script from it.

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Comments ( 17 )

  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 20:59:44

    If you want to use very easy screen capture with direct upload to youtube you can use for example:

  • Edumadrid
    13.9.2015 23:48:32

    Thanks Mir.

  • Stefan
    16.9.2015 17:38:33

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers bot trigger assembly execution. This update should solve bot trigger compilation problems. The only bot trigger I released assembly is BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.

  • Edumadrid
    17.9.2015 0:47:16

    Sorry Stefan, but start the bot "Back 0-0 and lay draw" and nothing happens.

    "Output" does not reflect any messages.

    I upgraded to the latest version BFE.

    What am I doing wrong? or what I have to do?

  • Edumadrid
    17.9.2015 0:55:36


    uploaded image

  • Edumadrid
    17.9.2015 1:04:18

    uploaded image

  • Stefan
    17.9.2015 10:42:48

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers two options for Execute Trigger Bot to enter bot trigger, either by bot trigger sorce code or by bot trigger assembly.


    The assembly file is already complied bot trigger. Select the second option and enter .dll bot trigger assembly.

    When you have got free time, send me teamviewer access.