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What Is Bot Trigger and How to Use It?

Bot Trigger orchestrates bot execution of your action bots, so the bots you added to My Bots view. It means that bot trigger does not manage your bet placing directly, but instead it delegates such actions to your action bots.

Such approach has big advantages, let me show you once again already presented football bet strategy executed by bot trigger: Bot Trigger - Football Back 0 - 0 Lay Draw

On the video tutorial to the above article you can see that I created 2 action bots: Back Correct Score 0 – 0, and Lay Draw

These two action bots are then used by bot trigger: Back 0 – 0 and lay draw. Bot trigger first executes Back Correct Score 0 – 0 bot, and waits till bot ends its execution, to find out what bet position had been created on 0 – 0. It calculates possible profit on 0 - 0 and uses 95% of it to lay draw executed by bot: Lay Draw.

If Match Odds market is not yet open, the bot trigger first opens the Match Odds market and then executes Lay Draw bot on the draw selection.

Bot trigger operates with action bots with exact names: Back Correct Score 0 – 0 and Lay Draw. We know that bfexplorer offers different bots to place a bet, and actually how such bets is placed can be setup by many different ways. You can ask your bot to offer your bet, or take current offer. You can create drip feeding bot to place bigger bet in small bets. If applicable you can use Be the first in queue bot. It means that very simply you can change behaviour of your bot trigger, because all the bot trigger needs is just two action bots names which have to be executed.

In this article I gain showed how to create above mentioned strategy, and I described each step. There are 23 steps of different operations I made in my video, to setup 0 – 0 and lay draw bot, you need just 3 steps.

What you can see in my video?

1) How to read an article on bfexplorer forum and what information is important to keep in mind after reading an article.

2) How to create a new folder on my computer.

3) How to download and save a bot script to my computer.

4) How to open a bot trigger script file and read important information.

5) How to browse football events with Event Browser view.

6) How to filter events to show only those ones which we are interested in.

7) How to open a market for monitoring.

8) How to open and associated market/s for open event/market.

9) How to update My Favourite Events entry, I did so for Football Correct Score setting.

10) How to add a new bot to My Bots.

11) How to add bot setting for Back Correct Score 0 – 0.

12) How to change views position, size and application layout.

13) How to switch bfexplorer to Practice Mode, this is very important because I do not want to bet with my real money when testing bot/s.

14) How to start a bot execution on a market selection, and how to check the bot did what has been required to do. In this step I tested the bot: Back Correct Score 0 – 0.

15) How to add bot setting for Lay Draw, and how to start it and check results.

16) How to close bet event, it means that all open event markets will be closed.

17) How to re-open Correct Score market for further testing of the bot trigger: BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.fs

18) How to add bot setting for Execute Trigger Bot: BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.fs to execute my Back 0 – 0 and lay draw strategy.

19) How to finally start the Back 0 – 0 and lay draw bot, and to check results.

20) How to watch market selections, how to add market selections to Watched Selections view. When you place your bets manually you may noticed that market selections are added to the Watched Selections view automatically.

21) How to use My Bet Position view to monitor total bet position on all market selections.

22) How to quickly switch among open markets using Watched Selections view.

23) How to filter out all market selections on Correct Score without a lay offer.

Download “Back 0 - 0 and Lay Draw” script if you want to test it or build your own script from it.

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Comments ( 17 )

  • Edumadrid
    11.9.2015 19:05:06

    I really appreciate your interest because all users learn to use your software. You're a good guy.

    For my part I say I use your app well, thanks to all your videos and articles.

    In the picture you can see a bet Lay X + CS 0-0, I found, with your search of odds.

    In addition, a few days ago I bought a higher-resolution monitor, 1920.

    Now we just need strategies work and we all win money.

    Thanks friend for you help


  • Edumadrid
    12.9.2015 2:19:51

    Stefan, the trigger still fails. Do not worry, be a fault with my computer.

    Delete the trigger and use bots separately.

    End of story.

    uploaded image


  • Stefan
    12.9.2015 10:37:44

    Edurardo, it does not make sense to run bots separately because the main point of this bot strategy is that bot trigger checks the profit on 0 – 0 and depending on this value calculates the amount it lays on draw.

    If you say you will run bots separately then you actually did not understand about what is the bot using, it is about automating operations you would otherwise do manually.

    I checked the bot on my release version of bfexplorer and all works on my side. Actually you already sent me before emails showing different screenshots where bot had been executed without any error message, it means that compilation service works fine, and this can be confirmed by fact that you already executed successfully Bfexplorer Console scripts. Bfexplorer Console tool uses the same script processing as the Execute Bot Trigger bot.

    Your previous faults of using this bot trigger (BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.fs) were because you did not create action bots: Back Correct Score 0 – 0, and Lay Draw. Your bot trigger had been successfully executed, what I could see on your email screenshots, but did not do anything, because had no actions bots to execute.

    Now, I would say you tried to change something in the bot trigger source code, and you simply introduced some error to the code, this could be investigated as well, because when bot trigger is compiled and some error occurs the error message is displayed in Output view.

    I would say you have got very specific talent of yours…

  • Stefan
    12.9.2015 18:47:31

    Eduardo, I asked one Slovak user to test this bot and he reports similar problems. It is busy trading weekend but whoever sends me Teamviewer access to his computer will help to solve this issue. On my computer all works fine so I need more information.

  • Mir.
    12.9.2015 22:07:21

    Hi guys,

    This is not my cup of coffe but I am fine...


    PS: I run this bots in In-play mode. I must change parameter "AllowPlacingBetInPlay" to True.







    Porto scored before I send a post...


  • Edumadrid
    13.9.2015 0:02:02

    Hi friends:

    Stefan, I am glad that your Slovak user has the same problem as me. Because your judgments about my ability were too negative.

    I know what a script, I can make changes on the console, I know well the meaning of bot trigger ... But when something goes wrong you doubt my ability, which I deeply regret.

    I do not blame you. Spend a lot of effort to help and you're frustrated that we do not level.

    Stefan really thank you very much for your support and patience.

    Mir. Thank you very much for your test. You are very necessary in the forum, so you leave a little freer to Stefan.

    I believed understand, you do not go much football betting or just the Lay Draw?

  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 0:33:40

    All football betting (trading) is not my cup of coffee.

    I do not see long-term opportunities...


    But there is more and more training bots, I can try some tests.



    I'm sure it will be on one market or two that will be synchronized trading. It is the only speculation, because charges can not to avoid.

  • Stefan
    13.9.2015 12:26:46

    Eduardo, I am software developer and I solve problems by analyzing them and if the cause of problem is found, then I fix it by changing the application code.

    To analyze problems you must name them first, or to model all possible scenarios of the application usage, because in some cases a problem is not the application code but data entries or misuse of base application features.

    Well, of course if an application/program has a good design then it should process any data entries correctly.

    In this case, bfexplorer nor crashed or behaved unexpectedly. It correctly processed entered data, in this case bot trigger, and it reported problem: Failed to create the bot trigger...

    I tried to analyze problems by naming them, and as always you feel offended. Eduardo, Miro, and others, I am not your enemy. I just try not to waste anyone time, and to solve problems I need more information.

    You can see that Miro was able to execute this bot trigger without problems, like I did it myself, and I test any code or bot I release for public use.

    Slovak user I asked to test this bot script just reported that it does not work, sending me similar screenshot like you posted here on the forum.


    Well, that could only mean that he may replicated wrong data entries, but that is still not enough information for me to fix this issue. I have to see it myself, to analyze and understand the problem. Therefore I asked for teamviewer session, or for video showing what you do when setting up this bot trigger.

  • Edumadrid
    13.9.2015 13:35:13

    I can not be offended by your speculation on the reasons for the failures. I know you just try to find a convincing explanation. Also, with your patience, already you have earned heaven.

    If you want you can come into my PC, I have no problem.

    Two more things:

    what screen resolution do you use? More 2K?

    What program you use to make your videos? I would like to make a video

  • Edumadrid
    13.9.2015 13:45:16

    Another thing: What are the implications, your new upgrade?

    Thanks in advance