Can you please tell me how can a bot detect if there are no Back (or Lay) bets on a selection ? I want it to place bets only on selections with Back or Lay Bets on the market.

Thank you


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  • Admin
    5.4.2018 12:16:45

    Bots like “Football Bot” or “Execute On Associated Market” just execute action bot set by parameter BotName, nothing more!

    If your bot places “tons of bets” as you say, then you should check bot settings of bot/s which place bets.

    What you could make wrong is as well to add in sequence of your bots execution the same bot, which takes execution in recursion, therefore I asked you to make short video showing your bots settings (just sample if you think someone would steal your strategy this way), and how you use it.

    You did not make such video so it means you have basically problems to use any software, right?

    Well, I cannot help you anymore to understand how any windows software is used. It is really only up to you, learn and if not understand just try again.

    In bfexplorer when you construct your bot strategy by setting more bots, you should check each bot settings in practice mode and see what bot does when executing, that is the only way how to check if all works fine.

  • Corneliu
    6.4.2018 8:06:45

    Ok. Could you please tell me how can I associate more than one market at a time or do I have to do it one by one ? Do "Open" markets need to be also associated manually one at a time ? Thanks

  • Admin
    6.4.2018 10:39:19

    Let’s say you have got a strategy running on football markets, you execute it on match odds market because decision to trigger bots is done by match time and/or score.

    You setup your action bots, and then two bots to be open on associated markets using the bot: "Execute On Associated Market", on Under/Over 1.5 and Under/Over 2.5, so you will setup: one bot setting with MarketName: OVER_UNDER_15, and the other one with OVER_UNDER_25.

    So you have got two bots to be executed when your trigger criteria are met on “Football Bot”, but as you already noticed “Football Bot” takes only one bot name in the parameter: BotName.

    Open “Add a new bot” dialog, and type Execute in Search box, what bots are listed? Six bots starting with Execute .., what do you think the bot: “Execute Bots” could do?

    Well, yes exactly what the name of bot says, it will execute bots, defined by parameter: BotNames, so you can add there your two bots to execute your strategy on Under/Over 1.5 and Under/Over 2.5 markets, and you name such new bot, “My football action bots”.

    Now you have got one bot, which can be added to “Football Bot” parameter BotName, and when triggered it will open two associated markets, and execute your action bots on them.

    I would really suggest you to read bot names and description of bot parameters this is all what you need to understand.

    Bot setting is your instruction to be executed, that is all, similar like in programming code where lines of code express instructions of code execution.

  • Corneliu
    7.4.2018 4:30:46

    Yes, I've tried that also but must have missed something in the way. I'll do it again, but this time exactly as you're suggesting. In all your comments there's always something new to explore. You'd have so many more subscribers with all this info documented on a manual. Thanks for your help Stefan

  • Corneliu
    10.4.2018 6:08:17

    Which are the valid inputs for the Criteria "PriceTrend", "BackBook", "OferedAmountToBack" and "BestOfferedAmountToBack" ? This would be huge improvements. Thanks 

  • Admin
    10.4.2018 14:18:03

    You can see PriceTrend value on each ladder, under selection name. It is calculated from local minimal or maximal reach price (odds) and the current price.

    Book value is 100% and higher, for back prices and under 100% for lay prices.

    OfferedAmountToBack/ToLay is calculated from 3 best offered prices.

  • Corneliu
    11.4.2018 3:38:26

    Perfect ! Thanks alot Stefan

  • Corneliu
    24.5.2018 19:44:59

    In this new version of the "FootballBot", what formats should be used on the "Start" and "Stop" fields ? One has to input the whole criteria or just the values ? i.e. to start at the 5th minute if the score is not 0-0 and score difference <2 and to stop at the 80th minute if the score is not 0-1 or 0-2 and score difference >=2 ? Thanks alot Stefan

  • Admin
    25.5.2018 9:48:07

    Click to input text box, for StartCriteria or StopCriteria, in the right side of the input box appears button […], click on it and Criteria Editor appears, enter your criteria and click on OK button.

    Now you can see that Criteria Editor created text representation of your formula, so if you can type criteria formula by text input then you can do so with exact format Criteria Editor uses.

  • Corneliu
    27.5.2018 5:39:23

    Simply brilliant. Thanks alot.