Can you please tell me how can a bot detect if there are no Back (or Lay) bets on a selection ? I want it to place bets only on selections with Back or Lay Bets on the market.

Thank you


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  • Corneliu
    22.3.2018 14:40:59

    The strangest thing is that these bets don't appear in the "Market Bets" section of neither of the markets and therefore can only be cancelled in the ladder. This I cannot understand.

  • Admin
    22.3.2018 17:02:42

    Please make short video showing your problems, because what you say make no sense for me.

    When bet/s is/are placed on betfair market, the same way like market data are updated, bets are updated as well, I mean loaded to app model.

    So if you see bets on ladder, they are correctly loaded to market data, My Bets view is just other visual representation of your bets, like on ladders is another visual representation of the same market bets.

  • Corneliu
    22.3.2018 20:18:09

    I can only see the bets in the Geeks Toy software ladder. There is where I can cancel them manually. They don't appear in neither of the two markets "Market Orders / Bots" nor its BFExplorer ladders but they are well placed in the markets. It seems they're kept in some "Grey Area" where they're noit affected by automatic orders. I don't know hot to make videos, but I'll try to capture it with my phone camera or take some screenshots to try to illustrate what's happening. This is really weird. Have you tried yourself to place Fill or Kill bets in associated markets ? All works fine for you when BetMatchingTimeout is met ? Thanks Stefan 

  • Admin
    22.3.2018 21:03:55

    Of course I tested it.

    You can open two instances of bfexplorer and do the same what you do with geeks toy.

    Actually if you open the market in bfexplorer and market is active then you will see bets even in one running instance of bfexplorer, because active market is updated immediately after you switch it to be active one.

    On markets with small liquidity and on markets where market data are not updated so frequently your bot can be executed with very big update time interval when market is in passive mode, because market data are updated really only when there some changes, this is the behavior of streaming api technology.

    If you switch to normal mode, then passive mode updates, and so bots execution is really executed each time set by update time interval for passive markets.

    Switch bfexplorer to streaming api, open market and watch for changes, on markets with small liquidity you can simply see that market shows no changes for minutes!

    So if you operate on markets with small liquidity then use normal mode, not streaming, but then you are limited to number of open markets you can monitor simultaneously.

    I hope you are able to use your common sense in this case.

  • Corneliu
    23.3.2018 15:36:42

    Yes, off course, in normal mode I'll be very limited regarding open markets. But even in normal mode it just doesn't cancel. I'm going to try the other way around and try to cancel in the associated market instead of placing. Thanks Stefan, this API settings info and refresh rates are very important to understand these behaviours.

  • Admin
    23.3.2018 16:13:58

    Have a look at “Fill or Kill” bot parameter named: Odds. Read what description for this parameter says: “The odds you want to place your bet at. Set to 0 if you want to offer your bet at best offered odds.”

    What does it mean?

    Bot either places a bet at required odds, or offers bet. If there is no offer on back side and you asked to place Lay bet, then bot will waits till some offer appears because bot does not know at what odds you want to place a bet.

    Just to test bot functionality set your bot to place lay bet at 1.01 odds, and you will see that all works fine.

  • Corneliu
    4.4.2018 6:43:34

    Yes, I've tried in every way I found. Even if PlaceBetBot is set to selction 1, it doesn't appear on the Market Orders / Bots list and it won't cancel wneh BetMatchingTimeout is met.

    Is there any way to associate multiple markets on multiple matches at the same time ? Must I have do do it one by one ?


    Thanks Stefan


  • Corneliu
    4.4.2018 6:45:48

    "FillOrKillBot" (not "PlaceBetBot"). Sorry for my mistake

  • Admin
    4.4.2018 10:21:10

    If you have no software for making screen recording, then please install ShareX:

    Make a short video showing how you set you bot and post it on youtube, so I can see what you actually do when setting up your bots.

    You must setup one “Execute On Associated Market” bot per each MarketName, if this bot would supported execution of BotName on many associated markets then parameter name would be plural MarketNames, and not singular: MarketName,  do not you think so?

    You can execute more bots by bot named: “Execute Bots”, where in the parameter: BotNames, you can see plural, so suggesting that you can enter more than one bot.

  • Corneliu
    5.4.2018 5:28:30

    I used FootballBot to place the bot on the associated market because when I used ExecuteOnAssociatedMarket to place the bot on the associated market it wouldn't stop placing tons of bets in the same odds. Do you think the associated market doesn't recognize the bets on its market because of FootballBot ? Do you suggest any other bot and/or condition to control this repeated behaviour of ExecuteOnAssociated market. I used a criteria, tried "EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce" on and it behaved the same way. With and without ExecuteBots before and after with and without criteria. That's why I asked if it's possible to associate multiple markets at the same time, not having to do it one by one. "Open" markets don't have to be associated, right ? Thanks Stefan for being so helpful