Custom bot script - 4. - ProfitBalance


I have a problem with valuation of my trading systems (trading = a many bets on selection not only one bet or one trade cycle)


Bet Event Trader vs. Bot Executor
The same bot ran in Bot Executor and in Bet Event Trader at the same time.




Yes I know, two different separate plug-ins, update period, ect. ... but if I want to develop any system for trading I need exact exit from using bots on selection, market.

You can see that the same bot can create different results.


Can you help me with it?

I need save all history data of profit on Selections.

I prepare and test bot parametres in Bet Event Trade but I cannot see what happens in Bot executor. I see only Profit Balance not how the bot behave.

Can you create custom script?
Export this data to CSV file (only data of my trading - P/L on Selections).


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  • Stefan
    3.4.2016 16:34:24

    You already have SaveBotDataBotTrigger.