Profit/Loss - Trailing feature

Here is screen of my trading by Bot Executor automation.

Trading without any correction by human operator!

Bot Executor


Now I set Close Market Bet Position bot - close: 10 sec before official race start OR at Euro 10 Profit.
I see that results can be more positive because many times (everytime) P/L goes to profit but I dont know where is EGDE, where Close Positon...

I would like to see "close position" bot with Trailing profit feature.

For Selection and for Market, with parameters minimal profit and how many euro from profit can lose before close position (here it is possible to take into account the sensitivity of volatility, etc...)


Discussions "why it is not necessary" are welcome

Comments ( 12 )

  • Stu42
    6.4.2016 15:42:05

    Hi Mir,

    I just want to introduce myself. I am Stu and just started using the Bot, after using many others over the years. I like your results you are getting on the greyhounds trailing stop loss.

    I'm trialling a few myself at the moment, getting used to the program.

    Hopefully I can have some good input here as to what works for me and what doesn't.

    Thanks, Stu

  • Mir.
    6.4.2016 17:57:32

    Hi Stu,
    yes, results from Practice Mode are awesome, for me.
    But I want to find easy way to grow up final profit.


    From today's trading.
    All results in the yellow area are ended by Trailing stop loss. It is mean that max profit was any time about 3 euro bigger...


    What is better?

    Set Close position bot - flat 4 euro profit OR Trailing stop loss OR Nothing ?

    I have some ideas how to work with it. I will write about it later