Reload bot

I would like to take a doubt, the end of each bot is possible to have an automatic loading of the bot, for example

bot 1 -> back place bet -> 1.80 close -> 1.90 winner

reload bot 1 in the same positions if the value comes down again


use place bet bet selection and close position, close to the immediate position sometimes does not close the order..

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  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 20:16:14


    yes, for you is the best solution with Chain execution bot.


    1) create "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot - with parametres what you want (OpenBet 1.50 Lay | close profit 1.60 or close loss 1.30) - names for example: MyBotUO25
    2) create "Chain execution" bot and to the parameter "Bot Names" write: MyBotUO25;MyBotUO25;MyBotUO25 (how many times, how you want)
    3) Run "Chain execution" bot

    After the first bot ended second bot will start...

  • ruipedrosilvasousa
    13.9.2015 20:54:37

    Thank you Mir :)

  • Stefan
    13.9.2015 21:21:53

    Repeat Until bot is better solution, it was actually developed to execute such bot strategy. Read again: Repeat Until, the until parameter is either reached profit or total stake placed, or number of iterations, that is what you need.

    I have just realesed the latest version of bfexplorer adding save bots or open bots to My Bots view, so you will be able to share your bot settings.

  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 21:27:13

    Like this:



    Chain execution bot:




    Try it in Practice Mode!


    Profit is 10 ticks - (from 1,50 to 1,60)

    Loss is 20 ticks - (from 1,50 to 1,30)


    You can select concrete Selection, Stake, ... etc.

  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 21:41:21

    Yes, Stefan right.

    If the "repeated" bot is the same...  "Repeat until" bot is better in this case.




    On the screen: bot "MyBotUO25" repeated 4 times

  • ruipedrosilvasousa
    13.9.2015 21:50:12

    Thank you for the quick help. :D


    Soon I will have more questions about suspension market, but will open another article