Reload bot

I would like to take a doubt, the end of each bot is possible to have an automatic loading of the bot, for example

bot 1 -> back place bet -> 1.80 close -> 1.90 winner

reload bot 1 in the same positions if the value comes down again


use place bet bet selection and close position, close to the immediate position sometimes does not close the order..

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  • Stefan
    12.9.2015 19:56:24

    Please, I would like to ask you a favor. If you write your article text or comment in Word, or Microsoft Office Word, just to check misspellings, then do not copy text directly, but paste it first to Notepad, and then copy text from Notepad to avoid importing style formatting from Word. I will fix this web editor problem when having more spare time.


    Back to your trading bot, it would be fine if you use official names for bfexplorer bots, then I will be more certain what you actually want to implement.

    I assume you use, Place bet and close bet position bot, in your trading, right?

    You set the bot to open bet position by backing and when required profit is reached the bot close the bet position by hedging. You run your bot, at 1.8 price/odds on a selection, and what you want is to check if the same selection is traded at set price, for instance 1.9, and if that is true, you want again start your trading bot execution, on the same selection.

    If my summary for your bot trigger is right, then what bot trigger will take two parameters: StartOdds, and RestartOdds.

    Execute Trigger Bot will take BotName as the action bot that will be executed (your trading bot).

  • Mir.
    12.9.2015 20:16:40

    I think that ruipedrosilvasousa wants run 1 bot twice.
    Same open criteria, same close criteria...

    Easy solution for this case:
    1) create "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot - with parametres what you want - names for example: MyBotUO25
    2) create "Chain execution" bot and to the parameter "Bot Names" write: MyBotUO25;MyBotUO25
    3) Run "Chain execution" bot

    After the first bot ended second bot will start...

  • Stefan
    12.9.2015 20:25:41

    Well, hardly to say because his specification is very vague.

    I took my explanation because such kind of bot execution reentry can be implemented only by Bot Trigger, so it would be nice example for bot developers.

  • Mir.
    12.9.2015 20:48:50

    Yes, I see.

    "Chain execution" bot is better to use for chaining others bot, with many different type of setting but for this case is it easy solution.


    If he must manage his bets (for example with some staking plan) some developers must create custom script for him.



  • ruipedrosilvasousa
    12.9.2015 22:53:14

    Thanks for the quick response

    two parameters: StartOdds, and RestartOdds, how do you set these parameters? 

  • ruipedrosilvasousa
    12.9.2015 23:13:04

        my idea is that with the bot:

    bot 1: Place Bet and close selecition bet position lay odds 1.80 1.90 close



    if bot1 close == true {

        Place Bet and close selecition bet position lay odds 1.80 1.90 close}

      // Run bot 1 again

    I know sorry does not work the base language of the bot    



  • Mir.
    12.9.2015 23:22:12

    You need a condition:

    if the Bot* made Profit then Run Again

      else Stop the Bot




    *) Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position


  • ruipedrosilvasousa
    13.9.2015 0:04:46

    The objective is that when the bot closes (with profit or not), 

    he would start again in the market panel bot. 


    if (bot1.close ==true)

        run bot 1 ;

    if (bot2.close ==true)

        run bot 2;


    I'm sorry but I don't the bfexplorer api.

  • Stefan
    13.9.2015 12:42:27

    Rui, I need exact scenario of the bot usage. If entry points are important then name them, as well as conditions you require for repeated execution of your trading bot.

    I summarized your scenario in my first reply and asked you to reply on my questions, asking if I understood your requirements correctly or not. You did not reply on my questions.

    Bfexplorer offers quite a lot of bots, so your trading solution can be implemented by many ways.
    If you set allowed range of prices for your trading bot, then one of the solutions is to use Repeat Until, the other one could use: Chain Execution. More complicated solution is to use custom built bot trigger.

    The latest version of bfexplorer offer editors for BotName and BotNames parameters, so if anyone thought before that setting up a bot is difficult, because you need to copy and paste bot names, or just type them correctly, then now you can setup any bot with ease.

  • ruipedrosilvasousa
    13.9.2015 13:41:02

    Bot: Place Bet and close selection bet position Open 1.50 Lay | close profit 1.60 or close loss 1.30


    Start Bot!  


    automatic Close bot (with profit or not), 

    Start Bot Again same position Open 1.50 Lay | close profit 1.60 or close loss 1.30

    automatic Close bot (with profit or not), 

    Start Bot Again same position Open 1.50 Lay | close profit 1.60 or close loss 1.30


    basically when you know that closed the previous bot it reopens with the same parameters of logs

    the chain execution as could do this?