Case Study 1 - Back a list of horses and green up at a % offset

I have an idea of what I want to do but no idea how to do it using Excel and Cymatic in order to automate it.This is what I want to do:1) Back a list of horses I've selected and listed in column A of a spreadsheet, from all of the days races, sometimes several horses in the same race. I want to back ...

Bot Trigger – Testing My Staking Plan (2)

In my previous article I showed how to create bot trigger for executing a simple staking plan. It is a good idea to test any bot in the practice mode, and of course to analyze some data. I run this bot on greyhounds markets lay favourite 30 seconds before race off. In my video you can see that I ...

Some minor issues

€ vs. Kč

Execute Trigger Bot - how it works?

image link Please, is it possible explain how this bot works?1-2 sentences about the bot, and about values, what is TriggerFile etc.  

Bot Execute Till Target Profit

  I have watched with interest the video for this bot. Can this bot be set to go through all race cards on daily back or lay certain favourites? Is there any way to incorporate form figures to assist a selection. It looked so easy to profit on the greyhound example can it be ...

Bet Event Trader - Ladders

How can I change order of ladders? (by LPT, Selection name, BF order, ...)   ------------------------ 2) Is it possible create custom Trading Ladders? (\Aplication\Settings\Trading Ladders)With new design, function, etc. ??

My New trading grid

  Hi guys, I am new... I have a question for the "My New trading grid".It looks like "Ladder" but with reduced "Ticks", usefull for In-play trading, ladder without centering etc. Is it possible modify the ladder? -------------------- Second question: is it possible to ...

How To Test Betfair Bot?

If you do not understand some bot functionality then it is a good practice to test your bot setting in a similar scenario you want to use the bot on. You should make all your tests in the practice mode only, so without risking real money on betfair markets. Unfortunately, in some cases you need to ...

Named Selections Horse Racing

Is it out of fashion to place a bet on a named horse selection....either to win or lose? Most of the bots now adays seem to be heavily biased towards trading. Are there any forumites out there who are still backing named selections? There are plenty of bots which enable bet placement but the reverse ...

User Manual

HI! We are currently doing a trial with BfExplorer and was wondering if you have a user manual we can use in navigating the application.   Thanks!