Case Study 29 - Excel Advice

From Bet Angel forum:

I am using BetAngel to place straight set and forget lay bets due to the number of bets I place each day, as it is faster than using Betfair directly. I pick my games in the morning using my own criteria, which as an example could be lay price between 3 & 5 on half time score. I then look at the game 5 minutes before kick off and if the criteria is met I place the lay bet.

I have been having a play with guardian automation and have managed to work out how to automate this process which is good. Ultimately I would prefer to use an excel sheet to link with Betangel instead as this would be much simpler for me long term.

Therefore, my question is, can I do the same from a spreadsheet as I can from guardian automation. ie 5 minutes from KO, check the lay price is between 3 & 5 and if so place bet at best market price?

Bfexplorer Solution: 

To automate betting or trading at set time we can use following tools in bfexplorer: 

1) Bot Executor 
2) Bot Executor for Selections 

The first mentioned tool (Bot Executor) is used when our strategy defines itself on which market selection a bet will be placed.  

On the other hand when we manually select market selections on which we want to execute a bot strategy, then the better tool is Bot Executor for Selections. 
What Bot Executor tools does is to start market monitoring at set time (the time is set as relative timespan to the official event start time) and automatic bot execution. If set market/selection criteria are met then bot is executed and market is monitored till bot (bots) are active on the market, there is no need to further monitor the market prices when no bot is executed on the market. 

When we talk about entry market/selection criteria then there are two options. If our action bot defines such criteria (See Entry Criteria page) then we can define that such criteria are checked/evaluated only once by setting the parameter: EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce (true/false), otherwise our bot will keep checking these entry criteria till they are met. 

In the above strategy our criteria: LastPriceTraded is between 3 and 5, and action bot must be instructed by ExecuteOnSelection parameter on which market selection the bot should be executed.  

This ExecuteOnSelection parameter settings is mandatory for bots which automatically assign the market selection on which the bot should be executed, so when we execute our strategy using Bot Executor tool. 

When manually selecting on which market selection/s the action bot will be executed, so when using the tool: Bot Executor for Selections then the ExecuteOnSelection parameter must be set to 0.