Football Automation Accurate Goal Recognition

From betangel forum:

I'm trying to work out a way to get accurate goal recognition for one of my guardian bots.  Is using the Correct Score market the only way to do this within Bet Angel?

Can BetAngel can obviously tell when a market is closed so could the goal markets be used to recognize when a goal is scored. For my specific use, I don't care who scores the goal, I just need to know that one has been scored so my bot can then do something based on that information - I can't find a way quickly and accurately determine that a goal has actually been scored though.


Bfexplorer Solution:

The only way to recognize correct football score is using match score. Bfexplorer offers in its prebuilt bot strategies the bot named “Football Bot”, that allows using: match score, time, goals, score difference, home number of red cards, and away number of red cards, corners difference and status. So totally seven different football match parameters you can use in your football bot triggers.

Here is list of different football bot strategies for betfair trading using “Football Bot”:

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