Case Study – Football Trade Late Goals

From Bet Angel forum: I'm interested in experimenting with an automation rule for trading late goals in a football match. I've never used automation before so I assume setting a rule to place an order into a market when the match reaches a certain time would be straight forward e.g. When the match ...

My Tipsters Tool

The latest release introduces a new tool to bfexplorer app: My Tipsters. My Tipsters tool presents tipsters and their selections. Tipsters are presented with their rank (1 - 50), All Time ROI (return on investment) and current ROI, average odds of selections, and of course winner status for ...

Case Study - Lay the Unders HT Bot

From Bet Angel forum: I am struggling to program automation that lays the U1.5 at HT if 0-0 then greens up at 55' Is there a bot available where I could simply sub out values to make the above? Because there is no score feed from Betfair to trigger bets from instead another method has to be ...

Football/Soccer Bot

Hi there. I am currently trying a football statregy that only comes into action if the score is 0-0 and the time is 75 minutes. If a goal is scored before 75 minutes I want to cancel the outstanding bots and stop monitoring. Is there a way to do this? Thanks


Can you please tell me how can a bot detect if there are no Back (or Lay) bets on a selection ? I want it to place bets only on selections with Back or Lay Bets on the market. Thank you Corneliu

BOT execution

Hi Guys,   I have a dutch bot that I would like to execute automatically for all the races that I have selected today. I would like the Dutch bot to fire 3 mins before each race. I have started the BOT executor but am scratching my head regarding the settings...can ...

Football Match Data

From betfair forum: Is there API methods that allow to get statistics for ongoing football match, such as goal kicks, yellow cards etc.?

Analyzing betfair data to trigger trading on horse racing markets.

My two videos shows how to use integrated Web Browser to load data from external web site. Use placeholder "%s" in your urls to navigate to currently open market.  

Horse Racing Odds Movement Prediction

Can we predict odds movement on betfair horse racing markets?

Strategy Performance

Horse racing strategy perfomance.