Football Bot Trigger Goals and Cards Details

From bet angel forum: Red card signals

I’m trying to write an automation signal relating to home red cards and wondering the best approach. I am thinking of combining the signals functionality with the stored values functionality, i.e. when the correct score is showing 0-0 (using stored values) and the draw odds show a price drop of over "x" ticks for more than 10 seconds (using signals), the chance that a home red card has been given is very high and therefore get out. Is this the most efficient method of doing this? Would monitoring the odds shift on the home team be better? I have put the time condition in so that it doesn't just take me out if a large bet goes in and temporarily spikes the odds down, although I may raise this to 20 seconds to give more time for a recovery if a liquidity spike does occur.

 What kind of odds movement can be expected in the case of home red cards at 0-0? Not really experienced enough of them to know myself.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Football Bot allows to trigger your action bot to be executed by score or match time. Full match details are not provided, but could be available by programming custom bot script, here it is:


The trigger bot code first checks whether live score data are available for the match, and if they are available, the match details are loaded and reported to the Output view.

If you want to trigger you action bot depending on any available match details then you can extend the trigger code by implementing match details update and criteria evaluation, when your trigger conditions are met, you can execute your action bot using:

TriggerResult.ExecuteActionBot …