Case Study – Football Trade Late Goals

From Bet Angel forum:

I'm interested in experimenting with an automation rule for trading late goals in a football match.

I've never used automation before so I assume setting a rule to place an order into a market when the match reaches a certain time would be straight forward e.g. When the match reaches 88 minute place a lay order in the appropriate Over/Under Market in relation to the current score. Is that possible?

Also beyond that is it also possible to have an exception to basically not place an order at all if a goal is scored say after a certain point e.g. The 80th minute and cancel any subsequent rules or triggering for the remainder of that match.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer offers Football score tool and Football bot, so data are available for custom bot trigger. Here is a bot script reporting current score, and goals scored in first and second half. Bot script shows how to read score and match details. The script can be used to program any football bot trigger in your betfair project.

You can download the script here: FootballReportGoalsScoredBotTrigger

And here is bot script according to required specification. The bot script uses two parameters: ExecuteAtMatchTime and LastGoalTimeAllowed.

You must execute the script using "Execute Trigger Bot", and setting the action bot (the parameter BotName). Your action bot can place a lay bet or trade back/lay, exactly how you setup your action bot.

You can download the script here: FootballOverUnderStrategyBotTrigger