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  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 20:59:44

    If you want to use very easy screen capture with direct upload to youtube you can use for example:

  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 20:16:14


    yes, for you is the best solution with Chain execution bot.


    1) create "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot - with parametres what you want (OpenBet 1.50 Lay | close profit 1.60 or close loss 1.30) - names for example: MyBotUO25
    2) create "Chain execution" bot and to the parameter "Bot Names" write: MyBotUO25;MyBotUO25;MyBotUO25 (how many times, how you want)
    3) Run "Chain execution" bot

    After the first bot ended second bot will start...

  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 0:33:40

    All football betting (trading) is not my cup of coffee.

    I do not see long-term opportunities...


    But there is more and more training bots, I can try some tests.



    I'm sure it will be on one market or two that will be synchronized trading. It is the only speculation, because charges can not to avoid.

  • Mir.
    12.9.2015 23:22:12

    You need a condition:

    if the Bot* made Profit then Run Again

      else Stop the Bot




    *) Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position


  • Mir.
    12.9.2015 22:07:21

    Hi guys,

    This is not my cup of coffe but I am fine...


    PS: I run this bots in In-play mode. I must change parameter "AllowPlacingBetInPlay" to True.







    Porto scored before I send a post...


  • Mir.
    12.9.2015 20:48:50

    Yes, I see.

    "Chain execution" bot is better to use for chaining others bot, with many different type of setting but for this case is it easy solution.


    If he must manage his bets (for example with some staking plan) some developers must create custom script for him.



  • Mir.
    12.9.2015 20:16:40

    I think that ruipedrosilvasousa wants run 1 bot twice.
    Same open criteria, same close criteria...

    Easy solution for this case:
    1) create "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot - with parametres what you want - names for example: MyBotUO25
    2) create "Chain execution" bot and to the parameter "Bot Names" write: MyBotUO25;MyBotUO25
    3) Run "Chain execution" bot

    After the first bot ended second bot will start...

  • Mir.
    11.9.2015 1:18:16

    1) Unpack with default context menu in Windows (right mouse button)

    2) Copy unpacked .fs file to your bot trigger directory

    3) Re-link .fs file in your Execute Trigger Bot. Use three dot shortcut (...)


  • Mir.
    9.9.2015 23:33:08

    You can say too: sorry, this feature is not yet supported by my product.

    Why you do not write it?

    Every other piece of Betfair software is for a specific user. For example trading In-play horse racing in Bfexplorer is almost impossible now (my experience)


    You want compare Bet Angel - Geeks Toy - MarketFeeder Pro - Bfexplorer?It is better compare incomparable for you?
    It is crazy!


    All what you made is usefull. It is your project, your business. Any feature from community appreciates your software - any custom script you can sell to others users.


    ...and you are not right. This is not the end of this story. This story will continued, because this story is about you!


  • Mir.
    8.9.2015 22:01:49

    Are you seller or not?

    Do you realize that others perceive how you behave, eg. to me...

    The one side is: "Write some ideas, how to extend Bfexplorer..." other side "You are a fool without common sense which abuse my kindness and willingness..."

    I think that this story is too complicated, for me, especially...



    All bots work very well.
    Nice job.


    Btw: I must congratulate on fantastic feature: executing your own bot by clicking on ladder (you reminded in the last post). An incredible competitive advantage... It had to be idea not from idiot without common sense...


  • Mir.
    7.9.2015 21:38:45

    I give up!


    I do not want and I will not waste your time. It is not about my common sence, about my truth etc.

    I or the others can use the software with own intent.


    Question: Must be your customers a programmers?

    Answer: Yes.


    Logic, UI, detailed knowledge of how what works and why not, trading habits upside down, "customer care" ... is only for programmers.

    You need a programmers.

    I am only the one of many traders without common sense but with non-transferable feel for the markets. I'm not a programmer neither when I have installed Visual Studio.


    Do you understand me?

    Do you understand your customers?




    btw: try to find a car dealer who will scream out that you're a bad driver and you don't know how it is made of tire


  • Mir.
    7.9.2015 20:35:44


    I asked because I saw new rules and conditions...


  • Mir.
    6.9.2015 19:35:46

    Well... I explain it for myself.

    "Do you know dude without common sense that it works only if you run the action bots directly on selections?
    If you run full automated trading solution (example: 1. Execute Bots, 2. Execute on Selections, 3. Repeat Until and finaly action bot 4. Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position...)

    SaveDataBot doesnt work."


    PS: I dont need any modification

  • Mir.
    6.9.2015 17:48:55

    Where is a Show Selections Trading Indicators bot?

    I have the latest version of Bfexplorer...


  • Mir.
    26.8.2015 22:01:39

    Done - of custom scripts - Execute Trigger Bot

  • Mir.
    26.8.2015 17:01:38

    Is it possible create public folder with free scripts?


    You change some code in Bfe, old scripts dont work, and look for them in the forum is not easy...

  • Mir.
    26.8.2015 13:05:33

    Please, explain me anybody why CSV file has only 1 row and how I can save every bot cycle on the market?

  • Mir.
    26.8.2015 12:28:53

    Frankly, I do not mind. I make an idiot of yourself you explain function and logic of bots to others...

    Someone else?

  • Mir.
    25.8.2015 22:29:02

    How can I use this “SaveBotDataBotTrigger” script ?
    Perhaps I wasted much time vainly


  • Mir.
    25.8.2015 20:56:05

    About - StakeType parameter: