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Market Charts View

Set update rate and choose selections you want to present in the market charts view.

Backtesting Horse Racing Strategy

What do you need to backtest your betting or trading strategy? First of all you need a historical data with required granularity and all data, then you can define your evaluation criteria/algorithms and a tool to backtest your data.

Save Betfair Data to Database

This short video shows how to setup database and bot for saving betfair market prices. We use Microsoft SQL Server Express database and SQL Server Management Studio to manage database and query data. After attaching database mdf file, you need to rename it to: MarketPricesDatabase Your ...

Monitoring 64 Markets - Market/order Streaming

Here are two videos showing comparison between market monitoring using update betfair api update requests and market/order streaming technology. I opened for monitoring 64 markets, 40 today’s horse racing win markets and 24 Euro 2016 football match odds markets. I set the update period to 50 ...

Case Study 31 - Can you trigger a bet after a goal?

From Bet Angel forum: As the title says, I'd like to trigger a bet in Guardian after a goal is scored in football.Can this be done reliably?I've searched on here but I can't find anything. I'm looking to open a trade following the goal.I've tried using suspend/unsuspend rules conditions but there ...

Dealing with swings - in play

From Bet Angel forum: The problemI'm sure it's the nature of trading that some wild swings come into play on a runner that's leading the field. A case in point was one that I had placed a back bet on last friday. It was sitting on odds of 3.75->3.5 for the 1st 30 seconds of the race (a 1 mile ...

Case Study 30 - Switch to next market

From Bet Angel forum: I see there are options to switch to "this market" and to switch to markets a set amount of time before the race is due to go off, but is there or could there be an option to switch to the next market 1 second after the current market goes in play?

Case Study 26 - Opening price range

From Bet Angel forum: I have a wee query regarding the opening price of the favourite. I was wondering if there was a way to determine that the opening price was ABOVE a certain level and dis-allow the rule to run if the threshold was exceeded. By way of explanation, see below: * Have a rule run ...

Case Study 25 - certain percentage of the market - trigger

From betfair forum: Bots Anyone know of a bot that i can instruct to place bets when a certain percentage of the market has been placed on dog .  Ie in certain races i am looking to bet dogs that are "over backed".  For example a 3/1 that has £3800 matched of a 10k market.It is not ...

Case Study - Betfair Market Streaming – Ladders

Bfexplorer is ready for betfair market/order streaming technology.