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Closing down trading after reaching a predefined profit

From Bet Angel forum: Closing down trading after reaching a predefined level of profit on the day?

I trade every day (automated) using the remote VPS service.

Each day I make a profit and after looking back on my results it is evident that it might be more profitable to close all remaining automation/trades once I hit a certain amount of profit on the day.

Some days I make way in excess of what I would class as a target profit, some days I go past it and then come back below it on the close of play (i.e after all markets have traded from my list in Guardian).

So could some advise how I might be able to create a rule that says after I have made £100 profit in a day, all the remaining markets in Guardian are not traded on?

I could make my target profit after 5 races, 12 races, and 20 races, there is no fixed number, but what I do want to do is close trades on everything so that I retain that profit each day and generate a regular daily return.

Bfexplorer Solution:

“Execute Till Target Profit” can be used to execute a strategy, selected by parameter: BotName, till required profit or loss is reached.

The bot executes the action bot, and after bet is placed, the market is monitored for bet results on this market, so bot monitors market till it is closed, then evaluate reached profit or loss. No further bet is placed till previous bet result is known, as well as no bet is placed after required profit or loss is reached.

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