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Football League Pre Game Strategy

I've been doing a trial on bfexplorer and for the most part I am impressed with the software, however I'm having difficulties applying my strategies.

This is what I am trying to achieve:

Let's say I want to place a Back Bet on the MATCH ODDS market for specific leagues in Football... EPL, Championship, League 1, Serie A, La Liga... etc

However, each league has different rules settings. For example:

EPL: Back Home Team when odds are between 1.5 - 2.0
League 1: Back Away team when odds are between 2.0 - 2.5
La Liga: Back Favourite when odds are 1.0 - 1.5
Championship: Back Underdog when odds are 3.0 - 3.5

I'd like the bot to scan the available games in those leagues say 15mins before kick off and place a back bet for any game that meets the above criteria.

In addition, let's say I have an arbirtary constant value that I set for each league. For example:

EPL: Value = 0.5 this week and changes to Value = 0.6 next week and changes to Value = 0.4 the 3rd week

I'd like to set the bot to only place the above Back Bets if say the value is above above 0.45. So for EPL it would place the back bets this week and next week, but not on the 3rd week.

What is the best way to create the above strategy? Where do I put this constant?

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  • Stefan
    14.8.2019 18:02:25

    For all your football strategies you can use Place Bet bot, the main settings you need to set are:

    BetType: Back, MinimumOdds and MaximumOdds, SortSelectionBy (depending on used strategy: Do Not Sort or Last Price Traded), EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce, and of course Entry Criteria: LastPriceTraded is between x and y.

    What is really critical for all your strategies is this Entry Criteria, and EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce set to True (checked).

    If you set this parameters, then at the moment of bot/strategy execution on evaluated selection are checked Entry Criteria, only once, and if this criteria are not valid, your bot will not continue its execution so no bet will be placed.

    What would happen if you would forgot to enter those two parameters?

    Well, the bot would be executed on the market and as you set MinimumOdds and MaximumOdds as well, the bet is placed only when odds would become valid for evaluated selection.

    Your last strategy is a little bit tricky, well for testing you can try with similar settings like I created for La Liga, and set the parameter: ExecuteOnSelection to 2, but these settings does not guarantee evaluation of home or away teams only as underdog when sorting selections by Last Price Traded can be The Draw selection.

    I can create trigger script to execute this type of strategy.

    Before using your bot/strategy settings, test them on different markets, to confirm that back bet is placed only when all criteria are met and on the correct selection/team.

    Then you can use Strategy / Bot Executor tool, and execute your strategies on different leagues. I showed that in my video tutorial, but have a look at as well on how to use Event Browser tool.

    When you run your strategies in Bot Executor, markets are automatically loaded and open at set time, you do have to leave them open in Bet Event, so click on Open Markets and close all of them.

  • Stefan
    14.8.2019 18:11:01

    Keep in mind that locale setting on my computer is not GB, so floating point values in my country are with comma: 1,5 in GB you must type 1.5, mainly when you enter parameter values in Entry Criteria, as here it is just text value.

    In bot setting where numbers are expected the comma or dot is entered automatically.  

  • Nicksim80
    15.8.2019 2:24:41

    Thanks for your help, I will give that a try and see how it goes. Looks like a good manual way to run the bots.


    Did you have a solution for the following problem?

    Let's say I have an arbirtary constant value that I set for each league. For example:

    EPL: Value = 0.5 this week and changes to Value = 0.6 next week and changes to Value = 0.4 the 3rd week. This value would change every week.

    I'd like to set the bot to only place the above Back Bets if say the value is above above 0.45. So for EPL it would place the back bets this week and next week, but not on the 3rd week.

    Where do I store this variable? Can the bot read an external text file or spreadsheet, then look for a particular value and then execute the above strategies based on this value?

    Appreciate your help with this.

  • Stefan
    15.8.2019 9:21:36

    Yes, custom built bot can read value from any available resource.

    Have a look at here:

    Where bots reads additional information from this web site:

    You can create such bot trigger yourself if you are able to program. Here are some examples of bot script code:

    You have to familiarize yourself with Bfexplorer BOT SDK

    Of course if you cannot do so, then for my subscribers I offer free service for simple bot scripts (that require up to 1 hour of my time). Unfortunately I do not think in your case I can manage developing such bot script in 1 hour.

  • Nicksim80
    16.8.2019 7:27:09

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I managed to get the first strategies working - runing them manually works well. Would be nice if it can set-up to run automatically for the selected leagues.

    I'm happy to subscribe and if you can assist with the other part of the strategy (custom variable lookup from another file/location) would be appreciated. My programming skills are not great, but if you get me started I can modify and get the rest to work. :)

  • Stefan
    16.8.2019 13:44:36

    First, you need to declare from where you will take your value per league, because you say:

    “Let's say I have an arbitrary constant value that I set for each league.”

    So the wording “I set”, suggest that your process of getting this value is not fully automated, you set it yourself.

    It is not taken from your ML model for instance, or from other application, or downloaded from some api.

    If you set this value manually, then your betting process is not fully automated, and it does not make sense to automate such process.

  • Stefan
    16.8.2019 14:50:52

    I have prepared bot trigger script that can be used to execute your underdog strategy.

    You can use this script to evaluate your programming skills:


    Any script executed by bfexplorer is first compiled to .net assembly, and then is loaded to app domain,  you can see it in my video that this process takes up to 20 seconds, therefore it is better to use bot assembly directly than bot script, so if you manage to build from this script, the .net assembly, then you can do your automation bot as well.

  • Nicksim80
    17.8.2019 9:00:06

    I can automate the setting of these constants as they are generated with my data analysis. What I cannot do is automate the process of placing the bets.

    I can export for example a CSV file to a specific location every time there is a change to my constants/varibles. I'd like bfexplorer to read these constants/variables and then place bets accordingly.

    Doing it manually is too time consuming and prone to me missing games as they are at different times/days.

  • Nicksim80
    17.8.2019 9:13:12

    I'm having trouble compiling your script to .net assembly as you suggest. I first tried loading it as you did in your video, but I get error... "The bot Execute Trigger Bot has been started. The bot Execute Trigger Bot ended."

    I tried loading your scripts and projects from Bfexplorer BOT SDK in Visual Studio, but they do not run or compile as you show in your videos. Is there something I am not doing correctly? Am I missing something?

    I think your software can do what I need, but will need some assistance to make it work.

  • Stefan
    17.8.2019 11:13:28

    Ok, such use case scenario can be automated. Custom built bot can read csv file and use this data as trigger value for bet placement triggering.  What you already have set with Place Bet bot setting, so those four bot strategy settings, will be used by your custom trigger bot. If you are used to bet/trade on those 4 top leagues only, the bot can do as well market filtering, so your strategy can really run fully automated.

    In my video you could see that in My Favourite Events, I have got: Football - Top Leagues

    You maybe create such favourite event, if not here are parameters:

    Name: Football - Top Leagues

    Event type: Soccer

    Market types: MATCH_ODDS

    With text: "English Premier League" OR "Ligue 1" OR "Bundesliga 1" OR "La Liga" OR "Serie A"

    Country/s: GB;FR;ES;IT;DE

    Then when you click on, in the Event Browser are loaded all Match Odds markets (matches) for top European leagues.

    ** Bot programming

    So this F# script code was good test for you that you are not able to program. Couple hints:

    It is F# script file, and as script file can be execute directly in IDE, it contains all information needed to link all required references, so IDE can build executable code from it.

    Google F# script, and derictives: #I, #r

    Actually I left there: //(* and //*)

    So when you uncomment




    Then when you rename file from .fsx to .fs you will get F# source code file you can add to F# .net project, add references from (#I) folder, refrences are those 4 assemblies (files) in #r directives, and you are done. Click build and you will get bot assembly “Execute Trigger Bot”   can use directly. Your project must be built for .net 4.7.2

    Just try your skills, if you manage that, then using Bfexplorer BOT SDK you can build your custom bot yourself.