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Save Software Windows and General Display

How may I save this software app windows, configured preferences and general display every time app is closed, so I don't have to reconfigure everything again each time I log in and app is reopened ? Thanks alot Stefan

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  • Stefan
    5.7.2019 9:36:38

    Click on the menu item:

    View / Workspaces / Add

    And add your workspace. You can create as many of workspaces you want to, for instance I have got three workspaces: Bot, Trading, and Tennis Trading.

    You can switch off not used views and rearrange them, resize them and so on. For trading you can set ladders as the main user interface for Bet Event view, for Bot (or whatever you name it yourself) just market grid view, and so on.

    Having more than one workspace you can switch between them, it is automatically added in My Workspaces menu, where you can choose which workspace bfexplorer will use by default.

    Once a workspace is created you can Save it, I mean in already added workspace if you make some changes, you need to save it, it is not done automatically during bfexplorer app closing.   

    Of course, selected workspace is automatically loaded during bfexplorer app starting.

    For more details please read this article and watch video:

    You ask this after how many years of using bfexplorer app? Well that is really sad, as it seems you never clicked on any menu item, and as any application have a menu, the bfexploer have the one as well, the five menu groups offering all application actions/operations, so:

    Application, Market, View, Tools, Help