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I've subscribed your amazing software, have been working hard wit it, but now I really need your help on these 3 crucial issues to be able to complete my football bots.


- I need a tool that cancels my bets (including "Keep Inplay" bets) in a certain match time minute (livescore clock) without having to use the "Stop Market Monitoring" tool and therefore cancel all my other bets on that same market. This is of most importance to me, as I cannot use the 00:00:00 bet placing and timeout tool for my strategies because many often this 00:00:00 time starts many minutes before the match even started and my bots place all bets in the wrong places during the match. Ex: Place 3 bets on the 45th minute (livescore clock) and cancel one bet on the 60th minute (livescore clock), leaving the other 2 bets on the market and keeping that market monitoring.  


 - On the "Football Bot", is there any code or number to insert in the "Match Time" field (Ex: "HT" or "FT") to run a bot at the end of the first half or the end of the regular 90 minutes, to be able to place bets only on the Second Half and Extra Time markets ? Does the "Football Bot" clock and livescore work during extra time ? Ex: Is it possible to run 3 bots and place 3 bets in the 105th minute, cancel only one of the bots/bets on the 115th minute and leave the other 2 bots/bets on the market and keep that market monitoring ?


- With "Football Bot" Is it possible to run a bot ONLY on the 45th minute if the score is 1-0 ? Because what happens is that it runs the bot if 1-0 is scored in any given minute after the 45th minute. Ex: If 1-0 is scored in the 60th minute, the football bot runs the bot.   

If you can help me out only on these 3 crucial issues, I can assure I'll keep subscribing your fantastic software for a long time !

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  • Stefan
    9.2.2018 13:39:13


    If your football strategy requires stopping all bots execution and cancelling unmatched bets at match time then you can use bot called: “Stop Market Monitoring” without setting StopAtTime parameter. To execute action bot at match time use Football bot, setting MatchTime and BotName to: Stop Market Monitoring, or whatever you named “Stop Market Monitoring” bot settings.


    “Football Bot” offers only match time value; there is no information whether match is plaid or it is half time break. You can use MatchTime setting with value > 45, or > 90 to start action bot execution at extra time.

    There are some additional status information’s in football api, so your use case scenario could be covered by custom built bot. If you are able to pay for it, send me exact specification, and I will reply with my price for such bot project.


    I have added new parameter to “Footbal Bot” named: MatchTimeStop, when you set it the bot will stop its execution at set time without executing action bot set by BotName parameter.

    Description for MatchTime parameter says:

    “Set if you want to trigger the action bot when match time is reached.”

  • Rui
    9.2.2018 15:24:42

    All of your help and advice is of great value to me.

    1) Isn't it possible to cancel the unmatched bets individually ?

    2) The greatest problem here is that the referees always add minutes at the end of the first half and the 90 minutes. I'll send you e-mail with all specs and you'll let me know how much could it cost to retrieve and process this extra info.

    3) This is great. Thanks !   

  • Stefan
    9.2.2018 16:33:14


    Of course you can cancel any unmatched bet individually, through My Bets select a bet and click on Cancel button.

    On ladder click on Odds column of unmatched bet.

    On the other hand if your bet was placed by bot, and bot is managing this unmatched bet, then manually canceling individual unmatched bet either the way I described above or through betfair web site will cause cancelling a bet of course but as your bot is is still operating on a market selection the bet will be placed by bot again.

    Cancelling/stopping bot execution when a bot has unmatched bets will cause cancelling of unmatched bets the bot placed.

    Therefore in trading ladder UI control toolbars you can see button: Cancel All Orders / Bots.

    If you place more unmatched bets on many markets, then you can click in Navigation view on “Events with my bets”, what will open all markets you have got bets in Event Browser, from there you can simply select all, and Open them for monitoring in bfexplorer just by clicking on the Open button.

    Now if you really want to cancel all unmatched bets on these markets, you can type in Bfexplorer Console:


    and click on Execute button will cancel all bets. As described this procedure requires opening of markets with bets, but I can and to Bfexplorer Console tool, other type of command for cancelling all bets. Why I implemented this cancelling feature only for open markets in bfexplorer? Because this way you have got chance to check on which markets you are about to cancel all bets.

  • Rui
    12.2.2018 21:32:57

     Absolutely fantastic upgrade, the features you added to the "Football Bot" and "FillorKill" bots. They really open a new wide range of approaches as "Football Bot" times, as well as placing and cancelling of KeepInPlay bets can now be much more accurate.   

  • Rui
    23.2.2018 16:59:03


    I'm having a problem with market refresh. I Open the markets and allocate all bots, but the software isn't detecting when a market goes InPlay and doesn't run the bots, unless I open each one of them manually.

    Could it be related to the "Execute Order / Bot" option in the "Market" folder (which isn't available for selection) ?


    Thanks alot for all your help !

  • Stefan
    24.2.2018 11:55:11

    It seems you open too many markets for monitoring. In common usage when I tested streaming technology, there is no problem with 64 markets concurrently monitoring market data.

    Betfair weights each api call and after allowed value exceeds max value, no data are returned.

    Read about differences of using streaming api as well, because by default bfexplorer is set not to use it.

    You can adjust update intervals and use streaming for monitored markets, but in your case you should use common sense.  

    Your bot strategy is executed on market at in-play only, therefore you should run it in Bot Executor, not opening markets for monitoring but running bots in Bot Excutor. Bot Executor then runs market monitoring only for markets starting from time you set in Start execution time.

    Read or watch about Bot Executor:

  • Rui
    27.2.2018 6:11:04

    Off course, with "Order / Bot Executer" it's much easier. I was only using the "Event Browser" and "Open Markets" tabs.

    Knowlwdge is everything !

    The "FavouriteIndex" criteria only applies to the "Match Odds" market ? I tried to use it in the "Correct Score" market to filter selections with first "Lay" bets under the odd 2. I've selected, for example, "FavouriteIndex" Equals 1 AND "Laybook" Is less than 2 to run a bot in the 0-0 result...but it didn't work. It must be possible to choose a selection and add a condition in the "Criteria" folder. What am I missing here ? 

    Aren't there any descriptions, videos or examples using FavouriteIndex, ProfitBalance, BackBook and LayBook criteria ? That would be just great to find.

    Thanks again for all your help !

  • Rui
    24.3.2018 19:37:07

    Dear Stefan, is it possible to include the "Stop At Time" clock in the "Cancel Bots On Selection" bot ? This would be a really important add on. Thanks alot for all your help and availability

  • Stefan
    25.3.2018 16:46:42

    "Cancel Bots On Selection" bot stops its execution immediately, so adding "Stop At Time" does not make a sense. In your case you trigger this bot using “Football bot”, so what is actually important is time of execution.

  • Rui
    25.3.2018 17:09:09

    Yes, but if there's no access to the livescore (as you may know some markets have no livescore access), it doesn't enter or cancel with the football bot. Only with time (00:00:00). The clock isn't for cancelling the Cancel Bots On Selection bot (which is obvious), but the bot it executes. Thanks for your understanding.