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Last Price Traded Persistance

Hi there,


I'm 100% new to this software having been using some other well known software previously.


I'm particularly interested in the LPTV data column and what this represents (and they way it shifts).


Can someone help explain this to me, but ALSO, the indicator I'm looking for is similar to this but not truly represented by what I think this is showing me.


I'm keen to see bets being matched at the current market price on the back and lay side, but split out to know if it's a lay bet meeting the current market lay price bet price, or a back bet meeting the offered back price (and for this to persist for a period of time).

This would let me see if irrespective of WOM throughout the market depth, if over time backers have been dominating layers by coming in at market price (or the vice versa) and the volume of back/lay activity when a price was the market price (versus when just a limit order which can include spoofers/fake orders and be non-representative).


From what I can see the LPTV column shows this for the period in which the two current market prices don't move, but the values don't then persist once the prices move and what wa showing back activity suddenly shows that back activity against the lay market price.  I love the way this value tallies up when the market doesn't move prices as it shows matched orders at the market values coming in, but it would be great if these could persist/represent what was backed and what was layed when the market values move.

Anyway, looking forward to getting to grips with the software and it's flexibility, and thanks to anyone that reads this and can comment or assist.



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  • Stefan
    22.3.2017 19:52:11

    LPTV means Last Price Traded Volume, and it presents traded volume in current best price offered range, when this price range changes the indicator value/s out of this range is/are set to zero. 

    Bfexplorer offers ladder customization, so you are able to arrange columns, and show or hide them. You can do so from Application / Settings / Trading Ladder, or directly from Column Chooser, just open it and drag and drop columns. 

    Bfexplorer offers bot development as well, so if you are able to program a bot, then you can program one to visualize your model data on ladder, for now Odds columns allows such visualization only. 

    Have a look at how I used this feature in my custom bots: 

    Trading Indicators

    Portrait Layout

    Betfair Trading Ladder

    I can add My Indicator column, and set its visual representation to gradient data bar, so you will be able to set your indicator values (-1.0 to 1.0).