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SMS Alert & Market finder

Do you consider to make sms alerts for matched bets for expamle ?


I would like to bet on matches that meet the criteria:

Event type: Soccer

MATCH_ODDS  Total Matched

 is  less than



HALF_TIME or FIRST_HALF_GOALS_05 or FIRST_HALF_GOALS_15 or FIRST_HALF_GOALS_25  Total Mached is grater than 3000 e

MATCH_ODDS  Total Matched     is less  than 10000 e


Is the any possibility to automatic find such a markets give an alert on sms or e-mail  when the program find market which meets the criteria?


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  • Stefan
    20.3.2017 16:19:43

    What you can do now is add to "My Favourites Events" your football event filter for markets you want to bet on, so adding: MATCH_ODDS,  HALF_TIME, FIRST_HALF_GOALS_05, FIRST_HALF_GOALS_15, FIRST_HALF_GOALS_25 to Market types, so this way you could open all your events in the Event Browser view. 

    In the Event Browser you can filter events by Total Matched, then you can manually check markets, and open only those ones fulfilling your criteria. 

    Your subscription status is Basic, so it is actually the only option you have got. 

    If you were Professional subscriber, then you are allowed to use bots, and Bfexplorer Console tool. Bfexplorer Console allows to execute scripts, and such simple script can be written for your purpose as well, checking total matched volume for MATCH_ODDS markets, and then loading associated markets and checking if total matched volume on these markets is as required. If all your requirements for total matched volume are met, script can open MATCH_ODDS market and required markets for you automatically. 

    Read and watch video to this article: Filter and Open My Markets

    SMS alerting issue. You need SMS provider, to send SMS from computer to your mobile. There are quite a lot of providers of SMS services, so yes it is possible to program SMS sending feature utilizing provider's API. This approach on the other hand requires constant monitoring of all markets, and again I cannot understand that as you subscribed to Basic subscription plan so no support for bots or custom built bots.