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Hello, everyone. I just registered yesterday, and today I was trying to log in, and couldn't. When I visited the subscription page, it said I had been banned. Has this happened to anyone? I thought the trial would last 10 days, about another week.

Please let me know.

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  • Stefan
    10.3.2017 18:58:49

    You spammed forum, therefore I deleted your comment and banned your access.

  • Tesaran
    10.3.2017 23:56:18

    I don't mind about the comment, but could we have another go at the subscription? I was trying to help out, but I should have waited to get more familiar with the forum. Thanks.

  • Stefan
    11.3.2017 11:59:26

    You spammed to this article: Help developing a Bot/risk manager

    If you would had been careful with the way how you phrased your spam, I would left your comment and not banned you.

    Bfexplorer actually offers "Bot/risk manager" tool already, and it is called "My bet position"

    The tool presents entire bet position on all markets, and of course on particular ones, allowing you to close your bet position on selected market or on all of them.

    Bfexplorer offers BOT SDK so it is possible to extend any bfexplorer feature, or build new ones by creating custom bots or apps. Such custom bots can be built by any developer, not only by me, as Bfexplorer BOT SDK is publicly available for anyone.

    What I can suggest you is to use another betfair account to trial bfexplorer, or just subscribe to bfexplorer. There is a lot of other products for betfair trading so you can use other apps as well.

    As you maybe noticed there is no need to register here on the forum, as with bfexplorer installation all is done automatically with your first login. This way I managed to block spammers, because to post on forum you must use bfexplorer app.

    You are the second spammer I blocked here from 2007, and I think both spammers were from the same country, just by judging from your name/s.

  • Tesaran
    11.3.2017 16:01:11

    1. I am not a spammer
    2. I am not your spammer from 10 years ago
    3. I only have one betfair account
    4. Buying a subscription without being able to finish the trial is out of the question, who would do that?
    5. I appologized for the comment, but I don't think I was out of line

    You're the one who can reinstate the account. If you want me to use the software, please do it. Otherwise, I'll try out something else. No point in using software where they treat clients as spammers.

  • Stefan
    11.3.2017 16:37:36

    You spammed asking him to contact you, offering him your help to develop what he had asked for. 

    I did not say you are the spammer from 10 years ago. I said you and your country man are two spammers here only, I banned from 2007 till now, so as you said throughout 10 years just two people were banned. 

    I already offered you to use different software.  

    I only left this article to warn other spammers like you, otherwise I would simply deleted all your comments and articles. I am simply not used to waste my time, so if I left your article and take my time to reply in comments, there was just one reason to do so.