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Help developing a Bot/risk manager



I really like the look of your patform. I wanted to know if you have any engineers/developers that can help me develop a bot/automated trading strategy that can be run off your platform and also a risk management tool that can combine positions and calculate specific risk parameters (I have formulae etc, just need someone to build the tools).


Many thanks,


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  • Stefan
    1/20/2017 9:26:04 AM

    Yes, I do bespoke bot/apps development using betfair api.

  • darshanvaidya
    1/20/2017 8:30:32 PM

    Can you message me on skype? darshanvaidya9486


  • darshanvaidya
    1/24/2017 7:54:57 PM

    I didnt hear from you - are u interested to work on this project?

  • Stefan
    1/25/2017 11:57:16 AM

    I do bespoke bot development only for my Professional subscribers. You have got my email, send me your specification and I will reply with my price for such project and time schedule.