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Loading ladder in spreadsheet


still relatively new so please go easy on me :)...could you please tell me, how I can load the ladder into the spreadsheet, so that it also refreshes there as you did here My New trading grid

Is it possible to use this spreadsheet for manual trading too? I would like to customize it as follows to use it for manual inplay trading for horses to place bets directly through the spreadsheet (manually NOT bot) : delete some ticks in each ladder to see the "bigger picture" as I don`t need to see all ticks for manual inplay trading.

Can I also load multiple ladders in the spreadsheet simultaneously, so that they are next to each other like in the bet event trader?


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  • Stefan
    8.3.2017 12:08:35

    So what you are saying is that you trade in-play races directly from a racecourse watching a race, and you want to use ladders to place bets. 

    Well, quite strange because through all those years I am betfair software vendor I built 3 or 5 in-play trading bespoke apps and none of them used ladders, not even market grid with 3 best offered back and lay prices. 

    All those apps used triggered bots to place bets, and in all cases actually keyboard was used to select  a horse by saddlecloth number.

  • gloria
    13.3.2017 23:25:19

    Hi Stefan,

    I don`t trade horses directly from the racecourse, I trade from home not using any live pictures, just trading the numbers on the ladder interface, trade according to whether I think a horse will shorten or drift through spotting characteristic patterns on the back or layside...that is why I am asking if it is possible to build a "compressed ladder" on the spreadsheet (or without), where I don`t see all the ticks, and so I get a better overview over the whole ladder without having to scroll too much (the autocentre function is not very useful inplay as things go too fast).


    So is it possible what I asked in my first post?