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MyTools Football Score - ideas for alternative livedata sources?

Hello Stefan, Hello Bfexplorer-Community,

i really like bfexplorer! I am a brand new Professional subscriber and have great plans with the brilliant software but unfortunately I am still very inexperienced.


The Football Score (MyTools) inside the Bfexplorer has an delay regarding the shown "match minute". Sometimes up to 2 minutes. Right?

For example:

CL Dortmund - Legia 77´ is shown on Football Score (MyTools)

But even in TV or on livescore-websites its its 79´minute.

For my Bot-Strategy its essential to have the:

Exact inplay match minute, exact inplay score, information about red cards

Do you have suggestions for data sources which I can use for my Bfexplorer strategy?

When I manually look at livescores I use for example:

Unfortunately, I do not know how I can reliably draw the data from it to automate the process.

A providers called only offer livescores of a few big big leagues and want 75 Dollar per month for the service ...

What alternatives do you know?

How can I get inplay data on other ways without much effort and without expensive money?


Thank you in advance!

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  • Stefan
    24.11.2016 14:30:08

    Football Score tool uses data from betfair, so there is  no need to synchronize such data with betfair markets, because live score api queries match data by market id.  

    If you use other source of live score data, then first you need to spend some time on hacking such source of data, some sources makes it difficult by scrambling data as well, for instance all service aggregating live score data from seems to be stealing data from other providers, hardly to say what company is actually real provider of live score data for Europe, maybe it is that Czech company I mentioned above. 

    Just by judging from your forum name, in your country the average hourly rate for senior software developer is 45 Euro.  

    The api source I use offer information about cards as well, this feature is not implement to Football Bot, if you want to build your bespoke bot just send me by email your short project specification.

  • gunter66
    26.11.2016 14:54:44

    Thank you for your detailed answer and the interessting background information!

    Yes, for my strategy I actually need the realtime match minute because my comparison statistics otherwise does not work exactly.

    I am looking for a stable solution with reasonable cost.

    Of course, I take the inplay BACK/LAY odds independently of the information that Football Score (MyTools) outputs.

    It is great that Bfexplorer gets realtime information about red cards trough the API. This is good to know and I would like to support you if you make this information usable for the bot setup conditions. For example: "Ignore all inplay matches if a red card was given."

    Thanks for your help, Stefan!