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Australian Horses v Harness

Hi Stefan,

Is there a way of seperating horse racing in Australia, the Thorougbreds from Harness racing? I would prefer it in EVENTS box.

At the moment I am choosing the courses every day for the Thoroughbreds, so takes time to check the Betfair page. I don't bet on Harness, too random.

Thank you,

Best Regards


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Comments ( 2 )

  • Stefan
    29.6.2016 12:43:45

    Unfortunately all information I have got about a race is already displayed in Event Browser. Maybe there is possible to distinguish between race types from a market name, and then you would be able to filter events in Event Browser view.

    For GB and IE horse racing events, betfair offers timeform data, and I had done such projects which uses those data.

  • Stu42
    7.7.2016 14:24:29

    No, there is no easy way to differentiate. Very unfortunate. Never mind, i'll keep manually choosing race meetings daily.