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Strategy/Bot Executor Update Intervals

When using Strategy/Bot Executor, with Update Interval set, for example, to 10 seconds, if I schedule a bot to place a bet when 1-0 is scored, as Live Scores are independent from Betfair data readings, will that bet will be also placed with a up to 10 seconds delay ? And if I use a BeTheFirstInQueue bet, will it also wait up to 10 seconds for the next Betfair data reading to be placed ?

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  • Stefan
    9.6.2020 19:23:49

    When your “BeTheFirstInQueue” bot executes bet placing operation this operation is executed immediately.  

    Now depending on in-play status of the market, placed bet is inserted to betfair market immediately (50 – 150 milliseconds, depending on your connection latency to betfair server), or if market is in-play, after in-play delay time expires (on football markets the in-play delay for bet placing is 8-10 seconds).

    Yes, if your bot is executed by “Strategy/Bot Executor” tool, and you set update interval to 10 seconds, then your bot “BeTheFirstInQueue” is executed each 10 seconds, so also update of bets is done in this interval when “BeTheFirstInQueue” needs to update your bet, but any bet operation is executed immediately.

    I would suggest testing it yourself. Open bfexplorer app and execute your strategy using “Strategy/Bot Executor” tool. Then manually open market in Bet Event view, and just watch how your bets are updated.

  • Tony
    9.6.2020 22:45:37

    Ok, let's just forget the Betfair bet placing countdowns in Live matches. But if instead of BeTheFirstInQueue, I use a FillorKill or PlaceBet bot (with no delay set on the bot) and Strategy/Bot Executor Udate Interval set to 10 seconds, will it take also 10 seconds for that bet to be placed after 1-0 is scored ? What I really need to know is if Strategy/Bot Executor Update Intervals also delays bet placing or only refers to Betfair data readings. Thank you

  • Stefan
    10.6.2020 13:11:56

    I have just added to your post short video that could help you understand the bot execution in the “Strategy Bot Executor” tool.

    I selected two markets and set the start execution time 5 minutes before official event start, and the update interval to 10 seconds.

    The bot to execute was: Test of ReportMarketDataChanged, just simple bot trigger script to report total matched volume on the market, or text: “No update!” when no data change or update was detected by bot.

    When clicking on Open button the “Strategy Bot Executor” loaded those two markets, and in Output view we could read:

    Strategy/Bot Executor: The next strategy/bot execution is scheduled to: 10. 6. 2020 12:40:00

    And exactly at: 10. 6. 2020 12:40:00

    We can see the message: “The bot Test of ReportMarketDataChanged has been started.”

    And after 10 seconds, in the next bot execution cycle:

    10. 6. 2020 12:40:10 Total matched: 52.54

    And so on every 10 seconds.

    Later I had double-clicked on selected market in the “Strategy Bot Executor” view, what means the market had been open in the “Bet Event” view, and as the bot was still active, it started to report:

    10. 6. 2020 12:40:47 Total matched: 114.72

    10. 6. 2020 12:40:47 No update!

    But of course not in 10 seconds interval but 250 milliseconds one, I use for the active market update.

  • Tony
    10.6.2020 13:45:05

    Thank you very much for your short video. But what I really need to know is if, in "Strategy/Bot Executor", a bet also needs to wait those same 10 seconds Update Interval to be placed after a goal is scored (plus the regular Betfair "countdown" for live matches) or if those 10 seconds refers only to market data readings and bet placing on "Strategy/Bot Executor" is immediate (plus the regular Betfair "countdown" for live matches). 

  • Stefan
    10.6.2020 14:23:21

    No, I already explained that, any bet operation is separated from market data update. It is totally different betfair API method call.

  • Tony
    10.6.2020 16:48:33

    Ok. And if I use Strategy/Bot Executor with same Update Interval set to 10 seconds with a BeTheFirstInQueue bot with its ChaseOddsTimeout set to 00:00:01.5000000 will it also update the BeTheFirstInQueue bet placing each 00:00:01.5000000 and not each 10 seconds ? Thank you very much for all your time and patience.

  • Stefan
    10.6.2020 17:10:32

    Bot manages any action, so when executed every 10 seconds, setting any time parameter in the bot settings lower than update interval does not make sense.

  • Graf
    11.6.2020 13:42:32

    It could make some sense not to make so many calls until the first goal is scored and there is no active bet and most of all if the match ends 0-0. Am I right ?

  • Stefan
    11.6.2020 14:13:33

    Graf, this discussion was about how any bot operates on a market when bets are placed, not about exact strategy and how to execute it as effective as possible.

  • Tony
    11.6.2020 16:28:22

    Please understand that this discussion was (and still is) about on how to reduce Betfair data reading calls to prevent further API delays. Thank you