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Bespoke Betfair Bot for Horse Racing Strategy

Bespoke bot does not have installation program and I distribute it to my subscriber by sending email or when zip file is too big, by saving it to my server and letting subscriber to download it from provided link.

As any file downloaded from internet can be locked by your operating system, you must unblock it first. I already posted on bfexplorer forum this article:

Bespoke Bot Installation

Please read it and follow instruction you can watch in the video.

Bot Setup and Execution

On the forum you can find a lot of article showing how to setup bot and execute in automated mode by Bot Executor tool. It does not really matter if articles describe exact bot setup instructions, for tennis, football or whatever sport type, because required steps are always the same ones:


You need to create your favourite “Bet Event”, so instruction for loading required list of markets. Such favourite event is added to My Favourite Events list, by clicking on “Add my bet event” toolbar icon in the “Event Browser” view.

In “My Bet Event” dialog, select in Event type: Horse racing. For Market types check only WIN market type. And if you want to limit your markets by country list the in Country/s checking all country codes, for instance GB,IE,US and so on. In my case I did not limit market selections by country.

Name your favourite bet event: Horse Racing

Creating favourites bet events is a good idea not only when you want to use automated execution of betfair strategies, but as well just for market browsing, therefore you can see in my short video, all my favourites bet events I am used to bet or trade.


You need to setup your bot, by adding to the My Strategies / Bots to Execute. Your bespoke bot name is: “Horse Racing Save Market Data to CSV File”

Well yes, your bot does not take any parameters. The CSV file is by default saved in your Documents folder under the file name: “MyHorseRacingData.csv”, so you will not created different bot settings for your bot, but you can do so by setting Entry Criteria if you want to.


And finally you need to execute your bot using Bot Executor tool. Click on your favourite bet event: “Horse Racing”, the Event Browser view is displayed and loaded with horse racing market.

Click on any market, so the toolbar icon: “Execute in Strategy / Bot Executor” is activated (otherwise it is disabled when no market is selected).

Click on the toolbar icon: “Execute in Strategy / Bot Executor”, and “Open in Strategy / Bot Executor” dialog appears. Select your bot, so: “Horse Racing Save Market Data to CSV File”

Set the start execution time to: -00:00:05, so 5 seconds before any race start time. Uncheck: Open only selected and eventually set restart the automation at time and restart time, if you want “Bot Executor” to reload your markets every day.

Finally click on the Open button, and “Bot Executor” is started.

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