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Bespoke Bot Installation

Bfexplorer program/application is open platform for betfair bot development or development of bespoke apps.

Bfexplorer supports “plugin” mechanism for application extension any developer can build your bespoke bot or tool on existing bfexplorer assemblies, such bespoke bot can be distributed in zip file, so here is my short video presenting how to copy such bespoke bot to application folder.


You can get zip file either by email, or downloading from my web site. In this case I show how to save your zip file to local folder from email client app. Click on attached zip file in your email with your right mouse button.

The context menu appears, click on Save menu item, and select folder to which you want to save zip file. In my case I saved it to:



Open the folder to which you have saved the zip file with File Explorer app. Select the zip file and click with your right mouse button on it. The context menu appears, and there click on Properties menu item.

In the Properties dialog check Unblock. This is very important because whatever you download from the Internet or have got by email can be blocked by Windows for security reasons.


The bfexplorer app folder is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer

So either by copying between two File Explorers, as I show in my video, or just by selecting files in zip file and drag and drop them to other File Explorer, we copy filers from zip file to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer

Because we copy files to application folder the administrator rights are required.

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