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Football - Back Goal Strategy Bot Trigger

From Bet Angel forum: Automation for on the WAVE strategy / Soccer

Could someone explain or make a automation file for the following:

 1 - Min. 00:00 - Back the correct score 0-0

 2 - If goal back Team who scored with greening

 3 - If goal from opposite back draw with greening

 4 - If goal form A or B ... again back the leader with greening...

 5 - Green all at 85 Min.

 Is this possible? I think yes but how?

Bfexplorer Solution:

This football trading strategy can be executed by custom bot trigger by orchestrating execution of two bots: “Place Bet” and “Close Market Bet Position”

By default the bot trigger uses three bot settings (two of them set by “Place Bet” bot, and one set by “Close Market Bet Position”):

Back 0 – 0

Back Goal

Close My Football Bet Position

The user did not specify its staking plan, so initial stakes and the way how “Place Bet” bot places back bet on correct score 0 – 0 selection, and then later on team selections when goal is scored must be set correctly.

The user asks to green up bet position, but what happens when goals is scored, mainly his staking plan is not defined. When another goal is scored by other team, and bot trigger already placed back bet, then of course previous bet creates loss position so next bet stake should be calculated returning previous los maybe.

In my initial bot trigger code such stake calculation is not defined, “Back Goal” bot setting is at least set to place bet with Stake Type: Payout, so payout must be bigger than stake amount placed by “Back 0 – 0” bot.

Have a look at the bot trigger code in line 188, here you can add a new stake amount adding loss from previous bets.

When testing this bot trigger on two markets, in both cases bot traded profit, but only because in both cases first scoring team won.

The bot trigger executes “Back Goal” bot only when selection on which the bot is executed changes, so for instance when team scores again so winning team does not changes the bot is not executed.

Test this bot in the practice mode.


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Comments ( 11 )

  • Stefan
    5.11.2018 18:39:38

    This is a tutorial of building betfair bot, and testing trading strategy, therefore I leave many things unanswered, but of course for those who are interested they could draw their own opinion. Here is another video:


    Liability increases from number of bets placed after goal is scored, as in many cases the problem with fake score occurred there were placed two additional bets. This is actually good when testing a strategy as for those who are not able to judge all risks in running such strategies, these fake score bets showed what could go wrong.

    Fakes score can be fixed by double checking score results at set time interval, or by checking/getting scores from more reliable sources than betfair ones.


    When testing this strategy I did not set closing market bet position when required profit is reached. Actually “Close Market Bet Position” bot was executed but with unrealistic profit target, as I was more interested to learn what maximal liability can be reached just by requiring 2 Euro payout.

    No  0 – 0 correct score bet was placed, again when you think about this strategy you will get maximal profit on matches ended by 0 – 0, I do not have current statistics but depending on league there is around 5 – 8%  games ending with 0 – 0 draw.

    This strategy can be executed by closing 0 – 0 in profit when using reasonable profit, so strategy could end on correct score market, avoiding this way risk of big liability on match odds trading when a lot of goals is scored.


    When executing this strategy on match odds market only, you can set maximal liability of potential bet, or match time at what bot does not place such bet when first goal is scored, as odds after goal is scored depends not only on team who scored but of course on match time remaining to the match end. If you watched my videos you could see that a lot of such bets introducing big liability were placed at 85 and more minute of the match.


    None strategy is 100% profitable, you must learn to take loss as well, when I start testing any strategy I do not set Loss parameter, I do so when fine tuning promising strategy, and that can be judged very simply, just by counting number of total trades, and losing ones.

    So bot should be programmed, not just take required profit, but depending on match time, potential liability after next goal is scored, and of course when score is locked in our favor, close bet position in profit can be switched off.


    As said before most difficult part is to take loss, to judge that you need to execute a lot of trades.


    In my tests I did not selected matches on which I run this strategy, again it is clear that profitability depends on this selection process as well. I think anyone after reading this post and watching some of my videos should realize that big risk for this strategy are goals scored at the end of the match so after 90 minute. Some statistical methods of choosing “right” matches to trade on could help avoid risk of big bet liabilities.