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I think that the way in which you use a subscription should be better explained. I purchase a basic monthly subscription and I didn't received the subscription code yet, so I cannot use the application. Betfair user name : Locadia. At this moment it is not clear to me what should I do after I subscribed : where I find this code, what are the steps to follow to have a working application, aso. Please, give more details on the "Subscribe" page.  


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  • Stefan
    30.10.2023 15:20:30

    Please,  just try to login again with bfexplorer app. Your subscription code should be created automatically. The subscription code activation could take some time as all is done through betfair api on betfair servers. 

    Let me know when having any problems.

  • Locadia
    30.10.2023 18:03:01

     Hi Stefan,

    I noticed that the subscription went on the other Betfair account (I have 2) instead of Locadia, it is on tf220563 (the second one). In the "Subscribe" page I specified "Locadia", but maybe went wrong because I have the same email address. I didn't activated yet. Can you do something about?


  • Stefan
    30.10.2023 18:22:04

    OK, try now on your second account: Locadia

    If you want to test new version of bfexplorer then install from here:


  • Locadia
    30.10.2023 18:48:57

     Now is working well. Thank you, Stefan