How to place a bet immediately?

Hi Stefan,

I want to do something very basic. I want to place a bet with the bot "place bet".

I do not know why the bot does not place the bet when I select "My bot" then "Start". I just receive this message " the bot ....has been started" and no bet are placed.

I found a way to reach my target: "Event browser" , "open", "open in Bot executor" "start execution time" and then I modify my time.

But as you see the second method is very long especially when you want to place bets on a very long number of events.


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  • Mir.
    15.8.2015 13:41:07


    This is situation from my lastest post...

  • Mir.
    15.8.2015 14:43:11

    This settings of the Place Bet bot - place bet at best Back price, immediatelly - without offer to take better Back price.