About subsciption plans, and delayed data

Now I see the following under my bfexplorer user account:


Q1: Do I have to subscribe somewhere (then where?), or was I automatically subscibed to the community plan?

Q2: How will my subscription prolonged, after the date 21.1.2021 when it expires?

Q3: I've read, and have understood that data delay will apply to my Betfair account, if I have 0 balance, or did not have a matched bet since more than 3 months. Suppose I satisfy Betfair terms, my Betfair balance are a positive non zero amount, and have matched bets in the last few days. If I use bfexplorer with this account and community subscription plan, will or will not I get delayed data?

As far as I know, getting live, not delayed data costs money. Either I have to pay once to Betfair to get a live api key, or either the application vendor (this case bfexplorer) must register my account and pay for it. So my Q3 is because I do not understand how would bfexplorer provide me live not delayed data for the free communiy subscription plan.




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  • Stefan
    19.1.2021 12:36:18


    Just common sense: You have got nothing for free in the World. Betfair business plan is taking fees on winning bets up to 5% depending on from which country you are and on what markets you bet/trade on.

    If you do not bet, you do not generate fees, so profit for betfair. If you keep taking data through betfair api without betting, betfair will first turn your account api access to delayed api data, and later close your betfair account.


    At the moment you are trialing bfexplorer app for free. When your trial expires you can subscribe:

    Yes, I offered free community access before. My idea was to get free access to users popularizing my bfexplorer app, so posting on forum relevant information, helping this way other users. Unfortunately this never happened, and you can actually check on the forum why.

    If you are software developer yourself then I would give you free access when posting articles about bot strategy development. Yes, bfexplorer app is open platform for bot development:


  • quicky
    19.1.2021 14:18:14

    Thx for the answers.

    Supposing my account has balance, and satisfies all Betfair criteria, during the trial, will bfexplorer use delayed data or not?


  • Stefan
    19.1.2021 21:39:05

    Bfexplorer does not force delayed data usage, but betfair does, it is betfair api data and service. Is it not clear for you?

    Please sir, read betfair T&C: