Betfair SP Favourite Bot Trigger

From Bet Angel forum:

I want to back the second horse to trade below 2 and if the selection should drift I would want to lay the same selection say >16.


In a similar vein can you please tell me how to back the favourite at Betfair SP. I am having problems when the favourite changes late in betting.


Bfexplorer Solution:

To trigger on betfair SP you really have to know settled betfair start prices of all horses, then simply sort by SP price/odds and trigger on the favourite SP.

Here is my bot trigger script:


In my presentation video I used “Trade 3 ticks” what is bot settings for “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position” bot backing 50 Euro on best offer price and hedging in profit for 3 ticks.

Any bfexplorer bot can be used as the action bot, and to execute this strategy on all races we can use “Strategy / Bot Executor” tool.

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  • Stefan
    6.6.2020 17:12:15

    On betfair forum:

    Sir, I am familiar with many programming languages including python I used to make ML model and simple flask api server app to expose ML model to my bots, as mostly I used .net programming languages for betfair bot programming like C# or my favourite F#, and did not find other way to interoperate between python and .net.

    Well yes now I am experimenting with pythonnet to integrate python scripting to my app, for now I support only F# scripts.

    I downloaded your library and it is just wrapper for couple api methods, without implementing any app domain or services. Therefore I really wonder to see some examples of using your library in betfair application, as you say: "My personal bots run 24/7 and never fall over due to program bugs, so I must be doing something right." and “It has been downloaded thousands of times and sometimes people say thank you and send me donations because it has saved them many hours of development time.”

    Well, my library was not download thousands of times, therefore I believe you have got a lot of sample code, for instance implementing this feature, one of Bet Angle users was asking for:
    “how to back the favourite at Betfair SP. I am having problems when the favourite changes late in betting.”

    I have done such simple bot script:

    Betfair SP Favourite Bot Trigger

    And I am really interested to see your python implementation for exact the same simple bot. Your web site was funded in 2008 so I believe your level of expertise is even better than mine. If you show me better solution in python, I will be glad to donate your splendid work and use your library instead of mine.