Bet Status and cancelling Unmatched bets

For a selection:

With matched bets, how can I get the total stake and averaged odds for both back and lay?

With unmatched bets, how to get the  betType, stakes and odds?

And lastly, how to cancel an unmatched bet?


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  • Stefan
    30.10.2019 13:07:48

    Please watch this video from my debugging of bot trigger code:

    Debugging Bot Trigger Code

    I set breakpoint, and add to watch view, selection and selection.BetPosition, so I could browse the watched object data, and see what properties are full with data.

    The similar dialog I added couple month ago to bfexplorer so you can browse some market and market selection data, to learn about bfexplorer data, and how/what you can use in your bot trigger code.

    30.10.2019 14:22:56

    Thanks.  Actually this explains everything :)

    With the offered prices, it has probability -  could you please tell me what this is?