Betfair SP Stake

When I place a Betfair SP bet, it only shows matched in the Market Bets window,but the stake shows 0.  When the event starts, then the stake shows (as well as the odds of course).  Also all the codes that I can find on showing the BSP (near far etc) don't show anything in the console.  Is there an updated method to show the projected BSP?



I do see the logic when stake is 0 for Lay bet (stake not yet known, but liability is), I have been placing Back Lay bets and I also see the logic in keeping stake 0 to identify it as an SP bet.

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  • Stefan
    20.10.2019 10:24:09

    Yes, placing betfair sp bet returns matched bet with matched amount zero, as SP bet is fully matched only after race is turned at in-play and all betfair start price bets are processed.  This be cannot be cancelled I believe, well have never try that.

    You can place normal bet with Take SP, such bet can be cancelled and unmatched part of bet is turned to SP at the moment race is turned at in-play.

    Have a look at UpdateSpPricesMarketBot.fs if you want to update sp prices, but that is bot assembly, not bot trigger code. You have got access to betfair api in bot trigger code, so you need to study betfair documentation and then you can replicated code working with sp prices in bot trigger as well.


  • Stefan
    20.10.2019 10:38:19

    Actually, there are such bot triggers:



    As an example you could create a bot trigger showing for active selections near BSP and actual BSP after race is turned at in-play. You can show prices on ladder, like in this example:

    Horse Racing - Oddschecker Favourite Trigger

    20.10.2019 12:54:25

    I have tried both the MyF#bot and MyC#Bot for showSelectionSP, and I tried the HorseRacingSPBotTrigger and moved showHorseData to show before inPlay the Near and Far SP, but I have never achieved to show the Near/Far Projected SP or the actual SP when inPlay (the horse metadata works).  I was wondering if there has been a change in the method to receive the SP prices?

  • Stefan
    20.10.2019 15:27:07

    Here is my bot trigger showing on ladders near BSP and after the race is turned at in-play the actual BSP: