Betfair Tennis Trading and Data Visualization

When trading a tennis match on betfair at in-play you must learn how player’s odds to win a match changes at any point, game and set won or lost by a player. Knowing how odds react to match events is crucial for any profitable strategy.

I have prepared a short video showing three matches and fixed odds changes at any played point for the player who won the math.

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  • MoreWright
    7.4.2017 18:15:11

    Hi Stefan,

    This is very useful data visualization. Is there a way to achieve it on bfexplorer? Or with a combination of other visualizatin tools?


  • Stefan
    7.4.2017 19:05:46


    Hi, what you can watch on my video is commercial product I used to visualize betfair tennis data.  

    I wrote simple bot for bfexplorer to save tennis match data, so time, price/odds, traded volume, player on server, sets score, games score, and points. From the above data I was able to produce charts in my video. 

    Here is another article showing how to use betfair bot and bfexplorer console to make charts using JavaScript library called 

    Betfair Market Charts and Data Analyzing

    I do not know if you would be able (by using library) to visualize market data similar like I did by using Tableau software, but if you are interesting and want to collaborate, then I can offer you to build bot to save tennis or football match data and scores, and you will deliver visualization code written with, or JavaScript library. 

    I am able to stream such data from bfexplorer, so your JavaScript app would be able to present visualization in real time, if you like.