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Betfair Market Charts and Data Analyzing

The latest addition to Community Bots is bot: “Record Market Selection Data”. It allows to record selections time series data, price and volume (traded volume) at set time intervals for pre event and in-play data.

Bfexplorer Console allows interacting with bfexplorer using F# as the application scripting programming language. This is really nice feature as this way anyone familiar with programming can access all market data.

In this video I show how to use mentioned bot, and simply code to present market data with plotly charts.

For those wanting to build similar charts, here is the code:

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Comments ( 5 )

  • Archie
    7.8.2016 12:43:31

     Hi Stefan,

    This looks like a nice addition, but I am having difficulty with the activation.  I have followed the video and receive the conosle error message in my output "FsiEvaluationException: Error:input.fsx(1,1):error FS0084 Assembly reference  '#r "D:\Projects\Bfexplorer\Development\Libraries\XPlot\bin\XPlot.Plotly.dll" was not dound or is invalid"

    I imagine I need the dll file somewhere in my own C drive for reference but can not find it to add.

    I noticed the graph opening in Microsoft Edge too, is this a possible default app setting somewhere?

    I would welcome your advice and help with this and also please can you let me know where the stored data is actually stored for future access. (I have the store race data bot running but not sure how / where it is storing data)

    Thanks very much.

  • Stefan
    7.8.2016 15:41:26

    Visual Studio offers the NuGet package manager: 

    You can use it to quickly install all needed packages (assemblies/libraries) to your project, just type XPlot.Plotly 

    On GitHub you can find source code for this project: 

    So alternatively you can clone or download XPlot, and build XPlot.Plotly.dll assembly yourself. 

    Do not forgot that you have to replace path to bfexplorer assemblies this script is using as well. 

    Well, I am not quite sure if you manage to do it yourself, as you ask for help in very base and common tasks any programmer/software developer must already know. I would really suggest to learn that first.

    Yes, Microsoft Edge is my default Internet Browser, therefor the script opens Edge to show charts. 

  • Archie
    1.9.2016 13:50:55

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the advice below. I have solved the xplotly dll requirement by following your instructions and now have another question.

    When I execute this bot the output report returns the error message "No time series available!"

    Perhaps you have a tip on where I might be missing something?


  • Stefan
    1.9.2016 16:48:17

    What you executed by using Bfexplorer Console is just script, showing recorded data in XPlot charts. You need to execute the bot called: "Record Market Selection Data" to record those data first.

  • Archie
    3.10.2016 21:10:43

    Hi Stefan,

    So I successfully got ths working and it looks good, thanks for your support.  Is there a way to auto refresh the charts on a user defined interval or is it a browser (Chrome) limitation where I have to refresh the browser page manually to refresh the chart image?

    I also would like to have the "record market selection data" on multiple markets at once but have only managed to apply it to the main market opened in Bet Event Trader window.  If I use the execute in order /bots executor on multiple markets in the event browser the bot does not seem to trigger unless I load it into the main bet event trade and execute the bot manually.


    Probably something I have overlooked. Hope you can help.