New User - simple bot understanding

Thanks to Stefan for spending quality time explaining the software for me, I now understand it a lot more.

I could not understand the methodology behind the bet vs the bot, and the difference between them. 

It seems to be a 5 step process:

1. Create the bet you would like using "My Orders" plus sign

2. Create the bot using the created bet from 1 using "My Orders" plus sign again

3. Select all events to be traded in bulk with Event Browser tab

4. Open/transfer them to "Order/Bot Executor"

5. Execute the BOT


This is a very simple understanding for those, like me, who struggled to understand the set-up procedure.

Any additions or alterations to my simplicity is gratefully received.



Comments ( 2 )

  • Stefan
    8.4.2016 16:33:04

    Anytime you install new software application/program to your computer you do so with some intention and your new program works on some data.

    You are not new to application software user interface. You use Windows operating system and all programs you interact with use mostly graphical user interface.

    I think one of the most used windows program is File Explorer, and as the name suggest you use it to explorer files on your computer. File Explorer has its menu, tool bars and status bar, context menus, has all the rest of common user interface you interact with. I do not think you need to learn how to open a file, well you select it in File Explorer grid view, and double clicking you open it with associated program.

    Any windows application shares the same concept for user interface, once you learn it, you can use it in any windows application.

    From what you wrote I can understand that you still do understand how to interact with any windows application, because what you wrote is just memorized set of actions you do to setup your bot.

    That plus sign is icon/toolbar button, you can actually see in many windows applications, and plus icon mostly means to add something. What you are adding depends on the application context, so if you see plus icon toolbar button in the panel named: “My Orders/Bots to Execute” the clicking on plus icon will add a new order/bot to this panel.

    What I can advice you is just read the screen, and use your knowledge learnt interacting with other windows programs.

  • shokkem14
    24.10.2016 4:51:39

    Its like any software just spend a bit of time getting used to it and especially when configuring your interface as this will be a use time saver if done properly