Close at odds (profit/loss)

Hello, I wonder how I can make the following example   example: -Place Bet Back 1.95 -close Selection Bet Position At odds(odds = 1.80 (profit), but if market value < 2.30 (loss)   odds fixed no ticks or percentage  

My Football Trading Workspace

You can create different workspaces for your bfexplorer to suit your needs for trading on different sport events. Here is my football trading workspace.

Reload bot

I would like to take a doubt, the end of each bot is possible to have an automatic loading of the bot, for example bot 1 -> back place bet -> 1.80 close -> 1.90 winner reload bot 1 in the same positions if the value comes down again and.. use place bet bet selection and close position, ...

What Is Bot Trigger and How to Use It?

Bot Trigger orchestrates bot execution of your action bots, so the bots you added to My Bots view. It means that bot trigger does not manage your bet placing directly, but instead it delegates such actions to your action bots. Such approach has big advantages, let me show you once again already ...

Betfair Trading Ladder

What is actually a better ladder, the one with more information or the opposite one?

Filter and Open My Markets

Betfair offers a lot of markets and if you want to open only those markets which fulfil your specific criteria you must open them manually, check your market/selection criteria and close markets not fulfilling these criteria. If you run a bot strategy using Bot Executor, then your custom bot script ...

Button: "Hedge the entire market"

   Hi: Why this discrepancy in the "hedge the entire market" between the two softwares?          

Keyboard Shortcuts

X – Cancel unmatched bets on the active selection.Ctrl X – Cancel unmatched bets on the market. C – Cancel unmatched back bets on the active selection.Ctrl C – Cancel unmatched back bets on the market. Z – Cancel unmatched lay bets on the active selection.Ctrl Z ...

Case Study 2 - Back selection n seconds after a lay

If I wanted to lay a selection In play (say the home team) and then place a back bet on the same selection (home team) x (30) seconds later, regardless of odds is this possible via Excel Trigger? Download “Timeout ...

Case Study 3 - Recovery strategy using excel

Been working on a few strategies and unfourtantly have turned to betbotpro to test and run them. I would much rather use betangel but have issues with staking. Was wondering if anyone could help me. Basically have a strategy that has a number of winners. However when there is a loser I set in place ...