Order/Bot Executor

The software doesn't allow me to use "Order/Bot Executor". It says it's only allowed to "Professional Subscription". But I already paid "Professional Subscription" and used this tool. What is the problem, now ?

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  • Stefan
    15.7.2018 20:56:22

    Yes, you have got professional subscription, so it means something went wrong when authorizing your subscription status.

    Close bfexplorer and re-login again, let me know if you have got still wrong subscription status.

    Check your antivirus software. Maybe requests to my authorization server are blocked.

  • Stefy
    15.7.2018 21:28:18

    Yes, I already re logged in many times and reinstalled the software many times. I can log in but professional features are unavailable. Anti virus is off.

  • Stefy
    15.7.2018 23:06:33

    It's working again. But now I have "Delayed API". API data take up to 3 minutes (!!!) to update. Why this happened ? How can it be fixed ? 

  • Stefan
    16.7.2018 9:54:22

    Betfair disables live betfair api access for accounts having no money on, placing no bets or breaking their T&C.

  • Stefy
    26.7.2018 23:59:52

    I Have money, I've placed and matched bets and didn't anything. Just used BF Explorer. Nothing else. Now no other software works. Can't understand. Account is ruined for any other software trading...

  • Stefan
    27.7.2018 11:31:53

    Betfair owns your api access, so you must fulfill their T&C for accessing betfair data trough api.

    Did you check my free web app to learn whether api data are available for your account?

    From which country are you from? Is betfair legal in your country? If not but you still can have betfair account, I mean if betfair did not close your account, then your ISP may block access to betfair servers.

    Bfexplorer app uses two types of api access for market data, rest api, and streaming api, did you check both types of api access to learn if there are some differences?

    Software cannot stop working suddenly, it cannot broke like that so it means that problems are really or your side. No other subscriber reported such problems.

    If you are able to run some kind of remote access app, like teamviewer or similar app then email me access information, and I will check your problems on your computer.