Bfexplorer Latest Release

Version 3.9.0425

Cumulative updates to the Bfexplorer Preview version 

Version 3.1.1021 - preview

Betfair menu view and Copy Trading tool.

Version 2.0.8174

Cumulative updates.

Version 2.0.8117

Adding GoalBeingScored parameter to Football bot.

Version 2.0.8113

Adding StopBotExecutionOnMarketVersionChange parameter to all selection bots.

Version 2.0.8077

Betfair API update for 1 GBP minimal stake and Data Context Browser – chart view.

Version 2.0.8063

Adding Data Context Browser.

Version 2.0.8062

Adding My Strategy Results.

Version 2.0.7978

Cumulative updates.

Version 2.0.7896

Cumulative updates.

Version 2.0.7580

Adding StrategyReference to My Bet Results.

Version 2.0.7509

Betfair charts URL update.

Version 2.0.7467

Adding Home/AwayNumberOfRedCards and CornersDifference to Football bot Start/StopCriteria parameters.

Version 2.0.7459

PriceTradedHistory.MyValues for custom data visualization in selection charts.

Version 2.0.7397

Cumulative update.

Version 2.0.7221

Bfexplorer Plugin support.

Version 2.0.7205

Cumulative updates.

Version 2.0.7188

Adding Save output messages as CSV file.

Version 2.0.7150

Adding Automation Settings - Restart the automation at time for Strategy / Bot Excutor tool.

Version 2.0.7124

Adding Dutch Bet Aggregator bot, Show Market/Selection Data.

Version 2.0.6973

Adding OnSelections parameter to Place Dutching Bets bot.

Version 2.0.6957

Adding Goals parameter to Start/StopCriteria for Football bot.

Version 2.0.6934

Web page login for Swedish Jurisdiction User

Version 2.0.6851

Matched Time added to My Results view and CSV export file.

Version 2.0.6788

Bot Executor update.

Version 2.0.6727

Tool: My Tipsters Selections

Version 2.0.6689

Changing trigger criteria parameters for Tennis bot.

Version 2.0.6658

Adding the bot: Execute At Time.

Version 2.0.6650

Adding following parameters to Entry Criteria: BestOfferedAmountToBack, BestOfferedAmountToLay, OfferedAmountToBack, OfferedAmountToLay and PriceTrend.

Version 2.0.6640

Adding Dutching bot.

Version 2.0.6440

Cumulative updates.

Version 2.0.6267

Fixing problems for Close Bet Position bots when position is closed by percentage value and hedging is disabled (NET stake profit).

Version 2.0.6121

Reflecting betfair api changes from 3rd October, customerStrategyRef has been added.

Version 2.0.6104

Adding "Bot Parameters" dialog. Implementing changes to betfair api required by retirement of the Australian API endpoint.

Version 2.0.6071

Save "My Results" to CSV file.

Version 2.0.6065

Impementing betfair api updates from 8th August 2016.

Greyhound Status: Addition to Race Status API to include Greyhound meetings.

Betting Enhancements: Fill or kill bets. Exchange market 'version' placeOrders & replaceOrder parameter. Lower minimum stakes for larger prices. Bet to Payout or Profit/Liability

Version 2.0.6044

Adding default stake to Dutching Tools

Version 2.0.6032

Close selected markets, My Description added to Open Markets view.

Version 2.0.6017

Market Charts view has been added.

Version 1.8.5975

This version adds EvaluateIfCriteriaOnlyOnce bot parameter and MarketHaveMatchedBets criteria parameter to "If Then Else" bot.

Version 1.8.5963

Auto update feature for check my results in Bot Executor tools.

Version 1.8.5961

Fixing Bot Executor issues with check my profit.

Version 1.7.5960

Adding "Check my profit" to "Bot Executor" tools.

Version 1.7.5958

Fixing LastPriceTraded equal to zero issue when sorting selections by the parameter: SortSelectionsBy.

Version 1.7.5951

Adding "Record Market Selection Data" bot and changing live score update routine when more Tennis Bots is executed on one market.

Version 1.7.5946

Adding EndExecutionIfAnyBotEnds parameter to "Concurrent Execution" bot.

Version 1.7.5944

Adding PointsScore and PlayerServingIndex parameters to Tennis Bot.

Version 1.7.5939

Stake type payout has been added.

Version 1.7.5937

Trailing stop loss on market bot has been released.

Version 1.7.5909

Place Bets dialog added.

Version 1.7.5905

Update Odds for dutching tools.

Version 1.7.5885

Added multi value support for the Tennis bot GamesScore parameter.

Version 1.7.5872

Fixing problem with loading horse racing silk colors when missing in betfair data feed.

Version 1.7.5864

Fixing bot issues when in some cases the partially matched bet was not recognized as fully matched.

Version 1.7.5855

This version fixes an issue with market reopening from Bot Executor tool.

Version 1.7.5853

Pasting password in login dialog is fixed.

Version 1.7.5850

Fixing problem with asian handicap selection names.

Version 1.7.5848

Update for betfair event/market web page url. Tennis bot update for PreviousSetGamesScore.

Version 1.7.5828

My Results update reflecting betfair api changes.

Version 1.7.5813

Added FavouriteIndex parameter for Market Criteria.

Version 1.7.5795

Tennis bot supports PreviousSetGamesScore parameter.

Version 1.7.5789

TargetLoss parameter has been added to the bot: Execute Till Target Profit 

Version 1.7.5781

New bot: Show Offered And Traded Indicators. Football live score update.

Version 1.7.5775

Ladder support for Open Markets Card view.

Version 1.7.5772

Horse racing race status bot.

Version 1.7.5766

Tennis live score tool update.

Version 1.7.5750

Extension for in-play bot execution using market grid.

Version 1.7.5746

Added Concurrent Execution bot and AlertMessage support for IBotTrigger.

Version 1.7.5743

This version adds Use Ladder support for Bet Event view, CloseAllBets for Bfexplorer Console.

Version 1.7.5742

Changing the behaviour of PriceImprovement parameter, I am sorry guys but this update will destroy all previous bot settings, you will have to recreate them again.

Version 1.7.5739

Stop Market Monitoring bot supports parameters: StopOnTime and StopRunningBots.

Version 1.7.5736

Adding "If Then Else" bot. Execute Trigger Bot supports bot trigger assembly execution.

Version 1.7.5734

Adding Use Ladder support for Repeat Until bot.

Version 1.7.5733

Adding save bots or open bots to My Bots view, enabling to share your bot settings.

Version 1.7.5732

Web page login for Spanish jurisdiction users. Custom editors for parameters: BotName and BotNames.

Version 1.7.5729

This version adds support for creating script to filter and open markets according to preset market criteria. A new bot assembly has been added to accommodate community bots, for now it offers just one bot: Show Selections Trading Indicators.

Version 1.7.5726

This version fixes the issue of not populating Market Selections view after switching application workspace. Close Market Bet Position and Close Selection Bet Position offer a new parameter: WaitForValidBetPosition.

Version 1.6.5723

Close Market Bet Position update for unmatched bets behaviour.

Version 1.6.5718

The new parameter for market criteria: SelectionLastPriceTraded, and new parameters for bot execution: EvaluateMarketCriteriaOnlyOnce, StopMarketMonitoring.

Version 1.6.5717

This version fixes issue with opening more than 100 markets to Bot Executor. Bot Executor allows to reopen market for monitoring in Bfexplorer adding this way possibility to open a market to Bet Event Trader automatically. Bfexplorer Console offers possibilities to write data to Bfexplorer Spreadsheet.

Version 1.6.5714

Added StakeType parameter for Scratch Trading bot.

Version 1.6.5713

Updated and added new shortcuts. Trade Market Selection offers shortcuts, and automatically center ladder feature as well.

Version 1.6.5712

Score difference was added to Football Score tool. StakeIsMyLiability was replaced by StakeType. Bfexplorer Console new property: BetEventBrowserMarketCatalogs and methods: OpenMyMarkets, AddMyHorseRacingSelections, SetBestPricesDepth, SetBetView.

Version 1.6.5707

AddMyHorseRacingSelections has been added to Bfexplorer Console.

Version 1.6.5705

The betfair event web page link had been added to Bet Event and Bet Event Trader view.

Version 1.6.5703

The problem with hidden navigation panel when changing application workspace has been fixed. Instead of using tooltips to show a bot parameter description the description panel is used.

Version 1.6.5701

Fixed issue with web page login for users from Denmark. Added end execution feature for action bots cancelling unmatched bets when a bot is stopped.

Version 1.6.5699

Added a bet notification when placing bets at in-play.

Version 1.6.5698

Added a ladder customization.

Version 1.6.5694

Added MyBfexplorer interface to Bot Trigger.

Version 1.6.5691

Added Bet status description to Market Bots, horse's silks, Stop and Cancel All. Extended Bot Trigger feautes. This release requires .net 4.6 framework.

Version 1.6.5687

Added Use Ladder click to start a bot, Start selected bot from the ladder context menu.

Version 1.6.5684

Added spacebar shortcut to center ladders in the Bet Event Trader.

Version 1.6.5682

Fixed Place Bet bot problem with partial matched bet when StakeIsMyLiability is set.

Version 1.6.5678

Updated Execute Trigger Bot. Fixed the issue with profit value on ladders. Fixed problems with Tennis Score tool.

Version 1.6.5676

Added Execute Trigger Bot.

Version 1.6.5668

Added Bfexplorer Console tool for a script execution.

Version 1.6.5664

Added Execute Till Target Profit bot.

Version 1.6.5663

Fixing the bot Close Position - ClosePositionImmediatly problem. Added Bot Executor for Selections tool.

Version 1.6.5657

Fixing the own bet detection fo Be the First in Queue bot after API changes. Added the automatically center ladders feature for Bet Event Trader.

Version 1.6.5622

Solved the market data update problem when monitoring more than 40 markets.

Version 1.6.5593

Added betfair tennis bot preview.

Version 1.6.5581

Added betfair football bot.

Version 1.6.5564

Added Bfexplorer Spreadsheet.

Version 1.6.5557

Added Start Bot in Open Markets, Stop Market Monitoring bot.

Version 1.6.5556

Added Multiple Market Dutching tool.

Version 1.6.5554

Added NinjaTrader data feed tool for advanced charting.

Version 1.6.5551

Added Save workspace. Updated Footbal Live Score tool, Repeat Until bot.