Football League Pre Game Strategy

I've been doing a trial on bfexplorer and for the most part I am impressed with the software, however I'm having difficulties applying my strategies. This is what I am trying to achieve: Let's say I want to place a Back Bet on the MATCH ODDS market for specific leagues in Football... EPL, ...

Tennis Player Serve Strategy

Сделайте пожалуйста триггер на теннис. Условия такие: Рынок Ставки. Определяем фаворита матча (изменяемый параметр максимальный кф фаворита) Затем перед подачей фаворита делаем ставку Против аутсайдера. Во время гейма делаем уравнивание ставкой ЗА на аутсайдера (количество тиков изменяемый ...

Tick offset manual betting

Hello Forumites. Is there a Tick offset function for manual bets also? Could anyone tell me how to activate it? Cheers

Close position with hedging Immediately

Hi Stefan I have written my first bot and it seems to be working ok, the bot carries out the following * Waits for a Horse race to go inplay * Backs the favorate using a call to a standard place back bet bot * Monitors the race and if the favorate changes it then closes the position and lays the ...

Save Betfair Data Automatically to Database

Hi, I was interested in Bfexplorer as a result of what is described in this link: I have been unable to get this to work as I cannot locate the bot that is mentioned. Can you assist with achieving this. Thnaks Glenn

Case Study 30 - Switch to next market

From Bet Angel forum: I see there are options to switch to "this market" and to switch to markets a set amount of time before the race is due to go off, but is there or could there be an option to switch to the next market 1 second after the current market goes in play?

Tennis - close selection bet if score... - an additional condition

Hi, In the "Tennis BOT", we can set the condition, when should buy a bet.For the program you need to add an additional condition: "close selection bet if score...".I will explain this with an example:1. Tennis In-Play2. BOT buys bet if a tennis match is the result:      ...

Tennis - Excel monitors all matches

Hi, How to do it - Excel spreadsheet (InPlay) should monitor all the matches from the list: Thank you in advance for your help. * Edited by Stefan, 13.4.2016 Download “TennisDataToSpreadsheet” bot trigger, if you want to test it.

Profit STOP - Bot Executor for Selections

Dear Stefan or anybody, I have a question. Is there any bot that stops my "daily profit"? In another words, I am trading several matches and when I achieve some desired profit e.g. 100 EUR a need bot to stop my trading. Thank you for answer * Edited by Stefan, 27.4.2016 Let’s say you want ...

Case study 18 - Capturing Graphs Pre Race

From Cymatic forum: I'm looking for a developer who can build a database which can pull a copy of a graph one minute before the off time, on every UK based horse race. Each graph will be logged next to the Horses name and then some room to make notes. I will eventually build up a historical ...