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  • Stefan
    30.5.2023 11:32:29

    I already shared an article explaining how you can manually initiate the Stop Strategies and Cancel Bets bot in markets that don't have an active score feed.

    I'm curious, do you have any difficulties understanding written text?

  • Tony
    29.5.2023 19:11:19

    What I need is to cancel AtInplayKeepBets wnhen football LiveScore data feed is   not   available.


    If there is no StartCriteria (i.e. MatchTime = 'N/A', Score = '-', etc.) to start a FootballBot   only  when football LiveScore data feed is   not   available, the only solution I see is to start a FootballBot when LiveScore data feed   is  available, for its placed bet to be matched and set another bot (i.e. CancelBotsOnSelection) to cancel my other AtInPlayKeepBets, using HaveMatchedBets = 'False' as EntryCriteria.

    Please let me know if you have any other better solution to cancel AtInPlayKeepBets   only   when football LiveScore data feed is not available.

    Thank you 

  • Tony
    29.5.2023 18:35:54

    But when LiveScore data feed is not available for a particular match, FootballBot doesn't accept any of these as a StartCriteria:

      • LiveScore data not available: HasLiveScoreFeedData == false
      • MatchTime not available: MatchTime == "" or MatchTime == "N/A" or MatchTime == "-" (depending on how the unavailable MatchTime is represented)
  • Tony
    29.5.2023 18:06:27

    From Chat GPT:

    "To start a bot only when LiveScore data and MatchTime are not available for a football match in the BF Explorer, you can use a combination of conditions and triggers. Here's an example of how you can set it up:

    1. Open the BF Explorer and navigate to the bot you want to configure or create a new bot.

    2. In the Start Criteria section, set the conditions to check for the availability of LiveScore data and MatchTime. For example, you can set the conditions as follows:

      • LiveScore data not available: HasLiveScoreFeedData == false
      • MatchTime not available: MatchTime == "" or MatchTime == "N/A" or MatchTime == "-" (depending on how the unavailable MatchTime is represented)
    3. In the Execute Trigger section, add a new trigger.

    4. Set the trigger type to "Start" or "Activate" to start the bot.

    5. Save the bot and run it.

    By setting these conditions, the bot will only start when both LiveScore data and MatchTime are not available for the specified football match. This way, the bot will not be activated if the required data is missing.

    It's important to note that the availability and representation of LiveScore data and MatchTime can vary depending on the data source and how it's integrated with the BF Explorer. Make sure to check the specific data source and adjust the conditions accordingly to accurately detect the unavailability of LiveScore data and MatchTime.

    Additionally, if the BF Explorer doesn't provide built-in support for checking the availability of LiveScore data and MatchTime, you may need to explore external APIs or custom integrations to retrieve this information and incorporate it into your bot's logic."

  • Stefan
    27.5.2023 17:30:43

    Please read the following article to understand the process of manually stopping and canceling bets on markets that do not have a live score feed.

  • Stefan
    27.5.2023 10:22:46

    Vy ste sa informovali o FootballBote, robote, ktorý sa spolieha na živé výsledky zápasov, a vyjadrili ste otázku týkajúcu sa jeho fungovania na trhoch, kde takéto výsledky nie sú dostupné. Táto otázka pôsobí nezvyčajne, pretože predpokladá, že robot sa používa na trhoch bez prístupu k živým aktualizáciám výsledkov.

    Odporúčam spúšťať tohto robota výhradne na udalostiach, ktoré sú pokryté živými výsledkami od Betfairu, s dôrazom na hlavné európske ligy.

    Nepreveril som dostupnosť živých výsledkov pre všetky futbalové udalosti ponúkané Betfairom.

    Ak sa vaša otázka týka zastavenia už spustených alebo bežiacich robotov na trhoch, kde nie sú dostupné živé výsledky, a pôvodne ste očakávali, že takéto výsledky budú k dispozícii, riešenie tejto situácie je komplexné. Neexistuje priamočiary spôsob, ako vás informovať, že živé výsledky nie sú k dispozícii.

  • Stefan
    27.5.2023 9:50:40

    It seems that you are referring to a specific scenario involving a FootballBot that utilizes a live score feed. To ensure accurate understanding, let me rephrase your statement:

    "You inquired about the FootballBot, a bot that relies on live score feeds, and expressed a query regarding its operation in markets where such feeds are unavailable. This question appears unusual, as it assumes running the bot in markets without access to live score updates."

    "I would recommend running this bot exclusively on events covered by Betfair's live score feed, primarily focusing on major European leagues."

    "I haven't verified the availability of live score feeds for all football events offered by Betfair."

    "If your question pertains to stopping already executed or running bots in markets where live feeds are not available, and you initially expected the availability of such feeds, resolving this situation becomes complex. There is no straightforward indication to inform you when the live scores are unavailable."

    Please let me know if I have accurately captured the intended meaning of your statement or if there is any additional context I should consider.

  • Stefan
    26.5.2023 21:35:44

    You ask about FootballBot, the bot using live score feed, and you want to run this bot on markets without such live score feed, very strange question.

    Please, read what you had wrote: “..to start a FootballBot..”

    I would suggest to run this bot only on events which are covered by betfair live score feed, so mainly big leagues in Europe, I think.

    I did not check availability of live score feed for all football events betfair offer.

    If your question is about stopping already executed/running bots, on markets which actually do not offer live feed, and you expected the live feed will be available, then such case cannot be done a simple way, as there is no signal available for you saying the live score is not available.

  • Stefan
    17.11.2022 12:49:58

    The web site has no security certificate (https), therefor when installing Bfexplorer app click on More info ..  and Run anyway button.

  • Stefan
    17.11.2022 12:48:07

    The web site has no security certificate (https), therefor when installing Bfexplorer app click on More info ..  and Run anyway button.