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Quick Navigation and Browsing Through Betfair Markets

Create your favourite events to browse quickly for markets you want to trade on. Searching, sorting and filtering is supported across the entire application on any data.

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  • b4freddo1
    4.6.2016 1:28:11

    Hello to everyone, First impression of this platform is daunting. i believe it could be quite amazing but after attempting to get a feel for it i gave up and have wiped it off and reloaded 4 times. Maybe if i say why i am interested. After using another app on trial i worked out a plan via dutching 3 or 4 sometimes up to 6, selections depending on the odds and set myself to gain 5% minimum of the bank. i am having success, which is the intent for using software from my perspective. What i realised was that during the race there was a lot of profitable amounts being shown for a split second on the green up box, but the software was too quick for me manually or wouldn't place the order. That's when i went searching for other software. From what i have read and watched of your software, it seems to be possible, only trouble is i can't make out how to set it up to do this. Am finding it very difficult to comprehend how to programme it. i was thinking that there was more coding in the 2nd download the sdk, but when i downloaded it was in files that i gather have to be placed somewhere but no idea where. maybe i got too used to the other app i was using. is there a manual to peruse step by step? i just want to set up the dutching plan on horse racing to experiment if i can do what i think is possible with this software. Am i able to hide everything else until i get more proficient?  Thankyou. The software, no doubt, is very exciting and way above my understanding. You are the professor, i am the first year student starting at lesson one. Happiness to all.

  • Stefan
    4.6.2016 11:58:59

    You installed software and I believe you read products web pages because you tried Bfexplorer BOT SDK as well.

    On bfexplorer product web page there is list of main features:

    So if you have got problems to understand a feature, you can watch short video showing you how to use such bfexplorer feature, tool or bot.

    In your betting/trading solution, there are included the following features:

    Bet operations

    My betfair bots

    Bot executor

    Therefore I do not understand why you posted a comment to the article/feature having no influence on what you want to do.

    Yes, in BOT SDK you can find bot scripts for dutching as well. You can manually place dutch bets using Bet Wizards (click on Market menu) and close market bet position using “Close Market Bet Position” bot at set profit or loss target.

  • b4freddo1
    6.6.2016 4:19:13

    Thanks Stefan, am advancing on practice. What i am wishing to do is back 3 or 4 selections in a race and have the software take a set profit if it sees the chance in running. How is this done. i'm a slow learner.

  • Stefan
    6.6.2016 9:31:19

    When you place bets on a market you open your bet position on this market. On betfair you can close your bet position (cash out) by placing opposite bets to your opening ones.

    This procedure is also called: hedging, green out, close your bet position, and so on.

    In Bet Event (or Bet Event Trader) view you have got green or red button/s showing your current profit or loss on a market (on the market selection/s) when you place bets on the market (on the market selection/s) and these bets are matched. If you click on the button, then your market bet position is closed with profit or loss which the button was showing at the moment you clicked on it.

    You can find this feature on all green/red buttons, also in the Market menu (Market/Bet Wizards) when clicking on “Close Bet Position” or “Close Selection Bet Position”, and in the “Bots to Execute” when adding a bot by clicking Add a new bot button, you can find following bots:

    Close Selection Bet Position

    Close Selection Bet Position At Odds

    Place Bet And Close Selection Bet Position

    Trailing Stop Loss

    Close Market Bet Position

    Trailing Stop Loss On Market

    Those are all bots which are able to place your hedge bet to close your bet position automatically, and it is really only up to you which one you will use depending on a strategy you will execute.

    In your case, as you place more bets on more market selections, you need to use “Close Market Bet Position”.

    This article shows how you can add a new bot and execute it on market selection: My betfair bots.

    The procedure is the same, for any type of bot. You select the bot you want to use (in your case “Close Market Bet Position”), set its parameters and name your bot settings, clicking on Save button will your bot settings, and your bot appears in the list of Bots to Execute.

    Read the following article and watch the article video, showing automatic execution of similar strategy, you want to execute: Horse Racing - Dutch favourites and close bet position by hedging.

    On bfexplorer forum you can find more articles showing how to use “Close Market Bet Position” bot.