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Gloria Ternes

Login Time 1.4.2017 17:46:47
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API "advanced" settings

Hello,   is there a possibility to access the API "advanced" settings on bfexplorer and modify them? Maybe through a command on the bfexplorer console? The only thing I can see and change is the refresh rate in the settings area. What I mean with advanced API settings is  a) the max ...

Loading ladder in spreadsheet

Hello, still relatively new so please go easy on me :)...could you please tell me, how I can load the ladder into the spreadsheet, so that it also refreshes there as you did here My New trading grid Is it possible to use this spreadsheet for manual trading too? I would like to customize it as ...

Can`t login anymore

Hello, when I open bfexplorer and enter username and password, the app doesn`t login anymore (with and without VPN connected). There is no error message or anything, just the the (login) arrow going from left to right endlessly with no reaction. What could be the cause? I tried different usernames ...

Virtual bets, exchange streaming API

Hi everybody, I am using the basic subscription plan of the app. Just wanted to know  a) why I can not tick the exchange streaming box? Is this option not available for the basic subscription, only professional? b) same applies to virtual bets. Can I only activate them in the professional ...