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  • paulmcmn
    7.2.2021 23:55:09

    Other than short 2 minute videos, do you have a detailed instruction anywhere that outlines how to setup and use the SDK? 

    From the basis steps which include how to actually store the username and password. I think alot of it starts from a position that infers knowledge that I dont have. 

  • paulmcmn
    6.2.2021 2:36:25

    Hi there,


    Thanks for the response. Honestly, I love BFExplorer, but I'm finding the whole F#/C# completely different to what I'm comfortable with. I've followed some of the videos, downloaded the sdk but I cant say I'm finding it terribly easy to navigate.


    My desire was to leverage this existing code to make my adoption of the application more straight forward. If this code snippet isnt publically available I think I'll need to reconsider my options. I've seen discussions about ironpython, but again the code examples of this are not complete enough, nor is the documentation for me to understand how to get it going.

    Perhaps an alternative pathway is for me?